New Vintage Coat

January 17, 2013


Check out my fancy new vintage coat! I found this lovely piece of outerwear at a local 2nd hand shop in Burlington for 22 dollars. Twenty two dollars?! I can afford that! …but then I was informed it was on sale half price. …and then my BFF informed me she had a store credit and therefore my coat was FREE!! What a lucky girl I am! This coat is in such good shape that I had no clue it was vintage until I did a little research on the clothing labels.


The coat is so heavy and warm, and beautifully made, and just absolutely timeless! Definitely a wardrobe staple. It’s 100% wool (camel hair?) with real leather wrapped buttons. Not the wooden ones that are made to look like wrapped leather! This is the first time I’ve ever seen leather buttons like these in real life. Suddenly the fake wood ones I always buy seem so sub par haha!



The first thing that got me thinking this coat might be older than I originally thought, was when I read “The Talbots” on the label. Talbots is still a popular clothing store today, but since when were they called “The Talbots”?? That got me wondering. The label resources on Vintage Fashion Guild are amazingly helpful! Their information for The Talbots was really informative, but didn’t help me narrow down a date quite like I hoped. Next I checked out the Stevens Forstmann label. Apparently Forstmann Fabrics was established in the early 1900’s, but was bought out by Stevens in 1957, so that put my coat at newer than late 50’s. The Mackintosh label didn’t really help me zero in the date any further, so at this point (based on what I had read) I knew it was made between ’57 and ’99. It wasn’t until Jamie suggested on instragram I check for a worker’s union label that I had a BINGO! moment. Apparently the ILGWU changed their label colors to red, white, and blue in 1974, which matches the label found in my coat. Based on alllll this information, and looking at similar coats for sale on ebay and etsy, I think it’s safe to say this is a mid 70’s coat. Not exactly my favorite era of vintage, but this style was also very popular in the late 30’s according to my reenactment troop, so that means I get to wear it for my 40’s impression! YAY!


Having such a timeless piece of clothing, such as this, made me realize how much I want more of that in my wardrobe. People get so concerned with trending seasonal fashion which is half the reason why clothes feel so much more disposable these days. Heaven forbid you’re wearing a dress or carrying a hand bag from last year!!! In my humble opinion… that is a bunch of crap. Those sorts of things shouldn’t matter. Timeless classics are the way to go! (Please ignore my mud tipped shoes above lol)


(ask Lucille how much she cares about seasonal fashion. I promise she doesn’t, but she wouldn’t judge you if you did.)


 And now for your viewing pleasure: MORE FUZZY COWS! I love Highland Cattle so much!


Look at the face on this little guy in the middle! Ahhhhhh!


Gah that hair is too much! Just call him Justin Beefer 😉 I just want to snog his little face and brush his wooly hair! (The cow of course. Not Justin Bieber. That’s gross.)