Sew It Yourself: Mustache Skirt

January 26, 2013


Are you beginning to see a trend with me and the Alexander Henry fabrics? I may or may not be a little obsessed… but needless to say, I can spot them when I see them! This skirt by Folter Clothing was no exception. That’s unmistakably Alexander Henry’s “Where’s My ‘Stache?” print in the Taupe colorway.

This skirt retails online for nearly $60 dollars, but you could easily make it for half that cost. That’s the reason we sew, is it not?

Pair this particular print (found at Fabricworm) with New Look pattern 6872 and Sew It Yourself!

I’m reaaaallllllly going to have to make this one up for myself! I love it!! Plus, it would be a really easy instant gratification kind of project. Double love!