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Adventures In Home Dec Sewing

February 27, 2013

Lately I’ve been having some trouble sleeping, and I’m sure a lot of that has to do with Lucille hogging the bed more so than usual (lol), but I’m sure another big part of it is I just haven’t felt happy with the bedroom since we moved. The sheets were old and mismatched, I don’t like our curtains, there’s a lack of furniture, etc. …it just never really felt like a place I wanted to hang out or relax in. So yesterday I woke up on a mission to change that.

featuredI had originally planned to make curtains for my sewing space with this fabric, but the longer it sat in my stash the longer I wanted to actually wear it (it would make the cutest dress!). So then I was thinking, if I make a Duvet cover I can make something for my home and it will end up touching my skin… That’s close enough to wearing it, right? Sure!

Now, I’ve never made a Duvet cover before, so it was mildly stupid of me to attempt this project without direction or a pattern, but I figured it’s essentially just a big rectangle so how hard could it really be…

homemade duvet

I used a flat sheet as the template and the backside of this Duvet, which just left the top part up to me to work out. I had intended to make the whole top out of the bird print but didn’t have enough to make it work on its own. I had to get a little inventive by adding the two white panels in between but I actually love the way it turned out!


I had to do a bit of math to figure out how to cut the pieces, but it wasn’t too difficult. I should mention that math and I are not friends unless crafting is involved. My brain processes pictures, not numbers. So I wrote myself a little visual map and then did a bit of division to make my drawing become a reality. Rather than walk you through the hot mess that is “my brain on math”, I’ll just give you the measurements in case you want to try and make one of these yourself.

Full/Queen size sheet = 96″ tall by 81″ wide
Print fabric (cut 6) = 25″ tall by 41.5″ wide
Solid fabric (cut 4) = 13″ tall by 41.5″ wide
(about 4 yards of print fabric and 2 yards of solid)

Use a half inch seam allowance.

Sew 2 print pieces together at the center to make a 25″ by 82″ wide strip (you will end up with 3 of these strips)
sew 2 solid pieces together at the center to make a 13″ by 82″ wide strip (you will end up with 2 of these strips)

Sew all the strips together and Voila! You have a Duvet top! Now you just have to sew the duvet top to the sheet and install a zipper at the bottom seam.

(That math was right, right?)


Ideally, the longer the zipper the easier it will be to insert your blanket into the Duvet. A 22″ zipper was the longest size I had in my stash so I just went with that and it works fine.

After I made the Duvet I had to whip up a little throw pillow cover to match!


I think I worked about 4-6 hours on these projects all together. It would have gone so much more quickly if I didn’t have to waste a bunch of time figuring out just how I was going to pull this off. Really you’re just sewing a bunch of straight seams so it’s not difficult, it’s just awkward! Hats off to quilters for working with such mass amounts of fabric like this all the time! I felt like I was drowning at my sewing machine!! Haha!


It’s funny because Lucille would NOT sit on the new Duvet cover until I practically picked her up and put her on it. I don’t know if it’s because it smells brand new (I’m bad and didn’t pre-wash anything) or if it’s because I was trying to line things up and work things out on the bed earlier in the day so she knew she couldn’t get on it. As you can see, what ever the issue was, she got over it 😉

The bird fabric is from Jo-Ann’s, and the typewriter fabric is from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shining collection. Don’t be upset, but both of these prints are from older collections and are now quite hard to find. Sorry for the tease!


Well, I have to say, the bedroom now finally feels like a room of my own and one that I’d like to be in. Mission accomplished!
Have you ever made anything for your home to make it feel more you?