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Lucille went into the office with her dad today so I’m keeping busy cleaning and prepping projects. My scrap fabric is getting a bit out of hand so I’ve been trying to reorganize it according to potential quilt themes. I’ve never made a quilt before so I’m looking at designs that are more simple like thisΒ brickwork one, or thisΒ liberty stripe. A lot of my scraps are really small though so we’ll see what I can come up with.


This weekend I’ll be photographing a project that I just finished and I’m super excited to share! Mmmmm organic cotton sateen…


I got my Sew For Victory pattern in the mail from The Blue Gardenia the other day and it’s amazing! It’s my first time working with a non-printed vintage pattern, and despite the startling lack of stuff on the pattern pieces, it’s actually not really any different from a modern one!





This dress will certainly be one of the most interesting dresses I’ve ever sewn. It has two zippers!! The thing the made me fall in love with this pattern was the fabric shown on the cover …and I might have just found THE perfect fabric to recreate this dress in all it’s 1946 glory πŸ™‚ We’ll see how the muslin turns out first.

What are you working on this weekend?

  • LadyD

    Re: scraps. Have you ever tried crazy patchwork? Lots of fun you can work with small and large irregular shapes. then you get added bonus of embroidering over the top.

  • Cute fabric straps. The non pattern pattern sounds interesting. I’ve seen these before but never had the courage to start a project. Can’t wait to see where the zippers are located πŸ™‚

  • Charlotte

    Oh, that dress is simply dreamy! I love dresses whose sleeves are all flow-y like that. Utterly excited to see the finished product πŸ˜€

  • Brigid

    Oh My Word!!! In your scraps, you have two of the fabrics that my family made clothes out of! Both the yellow dandelions on white, as well as the cotton ball looking plants on the mustard yellow! And, I think, you also have some plaid that we have too (in the background of the dress picture).
    Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see that project you most mysteriously mention, and I absolutely LOVE the pattern you chose for the Sew For Victory!!!

  • Shelly

    What a lovely dress. I can see why you chose it. You have some pretty scraps and quilts are a great way to use them up so I’m sure whatever you make will be beautiful.

  • Anne Sharkey

    Dress is gorgeous, love the sleeves, curious about the two zips?!

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Marvelous pattern, I completely see why you opted for it. The matching waist length jacket appeals to me so, so much (especially for spring and fall). Can’t wait to see more of your awesome mid-40s dress.

    β™₯ Jessica

  • Rachel Proffitt

    Hollywood is one of my favourite pattern companies, I just love their style πŸ™‚

    This weekend, I shall be trying to find the perfect buttons for my blouse. It is currently sitting on the hall tree waiting for them! I’ll probably cut out my trousers while waiting.

    • Rachel Proffitt

      Oh and I forgot to say… try a crazy quilt, which has pieces of all shapes and sizes. Or you can go with the micro-patch quilts with a tiny square, like the memory quilts.

  • Sarah Edgecumbe

    Oh i love the fabric shots. So pretty. Happy sewing with the new pattern. I have ordered a few old style patterns. Have to see how i go. eek!

    Have a great day!


  • Oooh, lovely pattern! I love Hollywood patterns, I’ve got a huge soft spot for them – I’m hoping to collect them all at some point. I haven’t decided yet what I’m making for the 1940’s challenge, but it’s likely to be a Hollywood pattern as well.

  • I’ve really been embracing the whole make do and mend mentality lately and have made a shirt (I just need to put on the buttons) out the smallest yardage I think I’ve ever used for a garment before- 3/4 of a yard! I have the fabric for another shirt cut out from not as small a yardage, but still pretty small- maybe 1.25 yards? The first shirt is for Sew for Victory and the other is the Sewaholic Renfrew. ^_^

    It’s funny, I didn’t intend on making a shirt and pants for SfV, but when going through my stash it happened anyway. I still have plans for a dress as well!

  • I love the idea of a scrap fabric quilt, you have so many pretty, scraps whatever you do will be neat! Unprinted patterns look intimidating but the best advantage they have is the holes for darts and such, I LOVE that! It makes it so much easier to mark. When I trace off things or re-draft I’ve even taken to punching holes!

    This weekend I’ll be working on my first feedsack blouse which totally has me obsessed with feedsack and repro feedsack style prints (not that I wasn’t before, but now it’s baaad). πŸ˜‰

    • Rachel Proffitt

      LOL That’s why I gravitate to the cottons in the fabric store- they make me think of feedsacks πŸ˜€