My Sewing Space

February 9, 2013

Earlier I posted a photo on Instagram of my sewing space (right after I had cleaned it!) and lots of you left some really sweet comments about my little crafty nook. The comments made me realize that I’ve never really shared a lot of photos of my space before! Allow me to give you a quick tour…


I’m not going to lie, usually when I get knee deep in a sewing project (or multiple projects for that matter) you can barely see my cutting table or the floor! But with Sew For Victory starting, and another project I need to finish up next week, I REALLY wanted a clean slate to get me focused and motivated.


I still have two large plastic bins under my table overflowing with scraps that I really need to do something about one of these days. I sense a quilt in my foreseeable future…


This past summer I was so good about only sewing from my stash that I found myself actually searching for dress fabric at the start of the new year! As you can see, I quickly fixed that little “problem” 😉


I have to showcase my favorite pair of glasses! They’re vintage dead stock from the 50’s 🙂



I’ve been sent some lovely little notes from some awesome ladies who truly inspire me, so I hung them up next to my sewing machine. They brighten my day and motivate me to keep on doing what I’m doing! After all, it’s essentially Lucky Lucille that brought these notes to me 🙂


On a side note: check out my awesome sweater! My best friend Aubry brought it back for me after a recent thrifting adventure while visiting her home town for the Holidays. She’s so good to me 🙂 (p.s. Aubry get your blog together already so I can link to you and show everyone how amazing you are!!! …no pressure.)


I can’t get over the little details! I’ve never seen anything quite like it! Plus it’s such a perfect shade of yellow, don’t you think?


I paired the sweater with some wide wale corduroys that I finished before Christmas, but for some reason never blogged about them. They’re the Simplicity 3688 40’s repro trousers that seem to be very popular for Sew For Victory! With good reason, too! They’re really easy to make, and look awesome on everyone. Did you see Tasha’s recent version? I love them!


Of course, my sewing space would never be complete without Little Miss Lucille Lou hanging around. That face seriously melts my heart!

Hope you enjoyed my mini tour! What’s in your sewing space?