Mad Men Peggy Dress

March 26, 2013

The deadline for Julia’s Mad Men challenge is quickly approaching (April 19th) so I’m starting to get into serious planning mode.


The dress I plan to make is one that Peggy wears in Season 2 Episode 5. It’s a fairly simple shirtwaist but with some extra little tidbits, such as these decorative tabs found all over the dress, to make it unique. They’ll be a bit of a challenge to recreate since I’ll have to draft them myself, but that will be half the fun of making this dress come to life!






I think a pink gingham shirtwaist is a true summer wardrobe essential, wouldn’t you agree? I might have to put this dress together with some patterns I already have in my stash because it’s harder than I thought to find a shirt dress pattern that doesn’t have a gathered yoke at the front and back. I already have a pattern piece that will work for the skirt, so it just comes down to finding a suitable pattern for the top. At this point I’m half tempted to go with a simpler Joan or Megan dress and just use one standard ‘ready to go pattern’ so I can get this dress done quickly. Maybe if I’m really ambitious, and have the time, I’ll draft the whole dress myself as instructed by this new class I just bought from Craftsy!

I ordered my fabric already so I can’t really back out now! Wish me luck 🙂

Are you participating in Julia’s Mad Men Challenge?
What are you making for it?