Sew For Victory Completed Muslin

March 19, 2013


This is technically muslin number two because my first attempt was a no-go. I had to redraft the neckline because it was so tight and so high that it was not only uncomfortable to wear, it actually kinda hurt. I wanted to make this dress 100% true to pattern, but I know I’d never wear my final dress if I didn’t make a few changes.


After scooping out the neckline a bit, the next change I made was to take out the back zipper and replace it with just a simple key hole type opening. On my final dress I’m going to use something else besides the hook and eye closure at the top because I don’t like the way it holds the gap open right now. I’m honestly surprised the pattern didn’t call for this method to begin with. There was a metal ration still going on in America in 1946 so you’d think people would be in the business of not using extra zippers! Make Do and Mend, right? Plus, it makes so much more sense to just have one zipper at the side instead of one at the side AND at the back neck.


This was a total stash busting project so I don’t feel bad about having to make a second muslin. The fabric, the lace, the bias tape, and everything else used to make this dress, came from supplies I already had in my sewing room. Plus it’s adorable and I will actually wear this dress! Wearable muslin success!


The fit in the bust isn’t perfect and I could use some shoulder pads to help the shape, but I’m happy with the dress overall so I don’t think I’ll fuss with any fit adjustments on my final dress.


I’m working from an original Hollywood pattern from 1946 and some of the directions are a little strange. For example, it said to use bias tape to bind just the bottom portion of the arm scythe and use a different method to finish the rest of the inside seam. That didn’t make any sense to me so I just used bias tape on the entire bit.


If I did the bias tape as instructed it would be turned to the inside and you wouldn’t be able to see it from the outside at all, but I think it looks really cute like this!


I should have used bias tape to bind the center seam in the back too for a cleaner looking finish. I’ll have to make a note of that for my final Sew For Victory dress.


Again, not the perfect fit, but this isn’t a dress style that’s meant to be super fitted so I think I’m just going to leave it as is! I did end up taking about 4 inches off the hem line though. Even for a 1946 style I think the skirt was awkwardly long. I don’t want too much of my knees to show either so I’ll definitely have to pay closer attention to how much I’m hacking off and hemming from the bottom on my next go.

So what’s the plan for the final dress??


Well it’s pretty much going to be the exact same dress as my pretty polka dot one shown above, but made out of a very special fabric. I don’t want to give too much away yet, (I want it to be a surprise reveal!) but lets just say I have some serious love for Spoonflower. I will also say that my final fabric is a cotton sateen so hopefully I’ll get a nicer sleeve drape than with the plain old quilting cotton. I’ll find out soon!

How is your Sew For Victory project coming along? I’ve seen some amazing things showing up in the Flickr pool!

I can’t to see everyone’s final projects!

p.s. That four inches of hem that I cut off the dress? …ask Lucille where it went 😉