Swimsuits and Soldiers

March 20, 2013

Happy Spring Equinox! Today marks the first official day of Spring (though you’d never know it based on all the snow we’re still getting here in Vermont). To celebrate the coming season, here are some awesome photos from a Spring picnic in 1944.

John Florea_1944_1

John Florea_1944_2

John Florea_1944_3

John Florea_1944_4

John Florea_1944_5

John Florea_1944_6

John Florea_1944_7

John Florea_1944_8

John Florea_1944_9

John Florea_1944_10

John Florea_1944_11

John Florea_1944_12

John Florea_1944_13

John Florea_1944_14

original photo series titled “Abalone Picnic” captured by John Florea in April 1944

via Google LIFE archives