Vintage Knitting Books

March 4, 2013

The other day I got some fabulously amazing mail from the equally fabulous Tasha of By Gum, By Golly! I’ve been dropping Tasha’s name on the blog quite a bit lately but what can I say. …she’s fabulous!


My jaw just about dropped when I opened up the mail and found this amazing array of vintage knitting books from various years! Oh man do I need to get better at knitting and QUICK! I immediately took a little peek through each one. The awesomeness at first glace was almost overwhelming.


“Small cowgirls love this pattern…” I wanna be a small cowgirl! Look at how cute that sweater is!


I’ll take some of Five O’clock Flattery, too!




Now-a-days I tend to think of sweaters and knit wear as these frumpy things for old men and librarians (don’t get me wrong, that’s half the reason why I love sweaters!), but there’s also an elegant classy side to sweaters that I often forget exists. Like this prime example shown above. Just adorable! Oh, and speaking of elegant knitwear, check out this incredible sweater dress…


Gah it’s so amazing!

If classy sweater dresses don’t do anything for you,  how ’bout some retro men’s knit wear?


Hahaha that outfit on the left is just too awesome!!! I’d seriously wear that. But if that still doesn’t impress you, how about this one…


Bahahah! Are you seeing this?? So much awesome going on here. …I can’t even.


Thank you, Tasha, for these amazing treasures! Not only have I been thoroughly entertained, but I now have some valuable resources and a really great start to a vintage knitting collection.


Aren’t vintage books the best?