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I’m Peggy Olson the new girl


My original Mad Men dress plans have to be put on hold since I’m taking an impromptu trip to visit my mom in NY for a week or two. Now I have to finish the Mad Men Sewing Challenge project before the end of this week and I really don’t want to rush the pink dress and risk ruining it.

So here’s plan B!


Peggy has always been my favorite character on Mad Men ever since her very first appearance on the show. This Peggy, “Peggy the New Girl”, is my absolute favorite version of her character. I wish she would have stayed with this look for longer.




Given my new time restrains, here’s the new plan: a simple 4 gore skirt with a lapped side zipper. Much more likely to get finished before the end of the week! Plus, I really would like to add more simple “staple” skirts (like this one) to my wardrobe. After taking Sunni’s free zipper class on Craftsy I installed my best zipper EVER, and now lapped zippers are my new favorite! No, seriously! I never want to do another kind of zipper besides lapped zippers ever again.

I have a yellow sweater that’s similar to the one Peggy is wearing in this look, so now I just need to come up with the skirt, the kitten heels, and a little black bow for my hair. I think I can do it.

I will definitely be making the pink Peggy dress in the future, but I really need to take my time with it and get the perfect fit. A dress as amazing as that deserves my 100% undivided attention.

Speaking of Mad Men, did you see the season 6 premiere yet? Honestly I was disappointed. The characters are becoming increasingly unlovable and the near 70’s costumes are not helping. (After the late 50’s I start to lose interest in fashion.) I’m going to keep watching because I’m so invested in the show, and I’m hoping for a Peggy come-back! But as for the rest of it… um, what the what?!


Happy Tuesday,