Sew For Victory Final Project Parade

April 7, 2013

Well, this is the end. Sew For Victory has been a massive success with a final count of 172 members and 490 photos in the Flickr pool. I love that there was a great mix of authentic 40’s and 40’s inspired garments. You all did a fantastic job! Wil and I worked really hard (hours and hours) to make this video so we hope you enjoy it!


I am seriously and truly blown away by everyone’s finished projects! It’s been an absolute pleasure to sew along with everyone and get to discuss sewing in my favorite era. The internet is awesome in that way. I will definitely be making Sew For Victory an annual thing, and have already been scheming some other Sew For Victory offshoots/40’s themed sew-alongs with other bloggers. So if you missed out on this challenge, fear not, there will be others!

Again, thank you all SO MUCH for being such amazing and encouraging participants. It has made me so happy to watch everyone interact and ask questions and inspire each other. For me, there is no greater success than that. I hope everyone has had fun, learned a thing or two, and made some new friends. I know I have!


p.s. This was my first self hosted sew along so I’m open to friendly suggestions for next year 🙂



*I tried my best to make sure everyone was included in the slideshow, but a few members chose to not allow their photos to be downloaded so I couldn’t add them. All of the photos used for this slideshow were used specifically for this blog post, and will not be shared or re-posted anywhere else.