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Sew For Victory Final Project Parade

Well, this is the end. Sew For Victory has been a massive success with a final count of 172 members and 490 photos in the Flickr pool. I love that there was a great mix of authentic 40’s and 40’s inspired garments. You all did a fantastic job! Wil and I worked really hard (hours and hours) to make this video so we hope you enjoy it!


I am seriously and truly blown away by everyone’s finished projects! It’s been an absolute pleasure to sew along with everyone and get to discuss sewing in my favorite era. The internet is awesome in that way. I will definitely be making Sew For Victory an annual thing, and have already been scheming some other Sew For Victory offshoots/40’s themed sew-alongs with other bloggers. So if you missed out on this challenge, fear not, there will be others!

Again, thank you all SO MUCH for being such amazing and encouraging participants. It has made me so happy to watch everyone interact and ask questions and inspire each other. For me, there is no greater success than that. I hope everyone has had fun, learned a thing or two, and made some new friends. I know I have!


p.s. This was my first self hosted sew along so I’m open to friendly suggestions for next year 🙂



*I tried my best to make sure everyone was included in the slideshow, but a few members chose to not allow their photos to be downloaded so I couldn’t add them. All of the photos used for this slideshow were used specifically for this blog post, and will not be shared or re-posted anywhere else. 

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  • Success this is awesome! Fabulous for putting all this together!

  • Thanks for putting this all together. I really appreciated the time you took to make the video. I guess my project was not downloadable. Sorry I didn’t realize that before.

  • That was Fabulous!
    Inspired I am.

  • Wow that slideshow is awe inspiring! I couldn’t join in unfortunately but I really hope this becomes a regular theme! Maybe even including different eras?

  • robynsews

    Absolutely fabulous!!!

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  • Emileigh M.

    Wow! These are just amazing! I did miss the challenge, and I definitely want to join in on any others coming up!!!

    (I’ll also just discovered your blog. Adorable. Following.)


    wonderful, everyone a winner, sew inspiring!!

  • This is awesome! Thank you so much for all of the time you put into this wonderful video, and thanks again for hosting the sew along.

  • Thank you for pulling that ideo together! Was great to see everyone’s garments and the music made me very happy 🙂

  • Wow, everyone’s dresses look AH-may-zing!

  • LadyDeTemps

    I noticed my entry wasn’t on there. I’m not sure what settings I have on flickr. I would have been happy to email any images of mine you couldn’t download.

    • There were so few members with the no download settings on their photos that I just assumed it was set purposefully. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you didn’t know 🙁

  • Thanks for putting on the challenge, and I look forward to next years! 🙂


    What a fab idea to make the parade into a video…love it!!!

  • love the video!! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Great music!!

  • Lauren Flake

    Oh! Such lovely examples of fine sewing! I am absolutely all a’twitter to play along next time!

  • Wow! Seeing, all together, how many people participated in this is really impressive. Thank you so much for hosting, Rochelle!

  • Paula

    Truly amazing, ladies! Beautiful dresses, so inspiring for a wannabe seamstress as yours truly. I will definitely try to join next time. Really astonishing, great outfits (with great props and styling!)

  • Danielle

    The video is wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work; it’s so lovely to be able to see everyone’s creations together like that. And thank you too for hosting the sewalong, it was so much fun and really rewarding!

  • Kay -Marie Bingham

    A wonderful display of some great talent. Well done ladies, gutted I only discovered this 2 days before the deadline

  • Ronda Fleming

    I am just so sew happy I came upon you blog, Rochelle. The end results are
    fabulous, such a collection of fine sewing wizardry, and your video just topped it! I will definitely be back next year. Cheers for a g8 sew-a-long.

  • Sarah

    Thank YOU so much for hosting such a spectacular sew-along!! Sew for Victory will definitely need to be an annual event! I am so late in posting my photos – sorry!!

  • Rachel Proffitt

    You did such a fantastic job of making this video Rochelle and Wil! We made such a fabulous sew along- all those vintage lovelies!

  • Kat Sultanie

    Wow! So many amazing creations. So much inspiration! Thank you for doing this sewalong. It was loads of fun.

  • This is fabulous! Love the video. Thanks so much for organising this!

  • Donna Hensley

    What amazing work! And the video was awesome too, thanks!

  • Helen McFadyen

    These look great! What a response!
    I didn’t take part in this challenge, due to other commitments, but mainly because I don’t see the 40’s as very “me” (I’m much more comfortable in 50’s/60’s style), and I just didn’t think anything 40’s would be that wearable, unless you are a bit of a niche dresser (like you) – but I have SO enjoyed following others’ blogs, their inspiration posts, their fabric dilemmas and their challeges so much – and seeing this final roll call has really changed my mind. Forties style is totally wearable. And the details… I love the details. I am definitely hooked for next year! Thank you for introducing me to a fabulous, wearable decade!

  • Jessica Cangiano

    To borrow one of the coolest expressions from our good friend, the Brits, I’m nothing short of gobsmacked by the phenomenally awesome entries that poured in for this stellar sewalong. I watched the video (great job, guys!) twice and am going back for a third time – there’s just so much 1940s fab fashion to admire and swoon over!

    ♥ Jessica

  • Kate-Em

    This is great to watch, what an amazing bunch of outfits.

  • Wow! So inspiring seeing them all together. Great video and great sewalong – thank you.

  • Fantastic round-up! Great work everybody!

  • punkmik

    Lovely parade! Thanks for hosting and your commitment! Been great.

  • Hooray, this is one amazing collection of garments! Thanks for composing the video, looking at what others did makes me wanna make more 40s dresses, for sure.

  • Christina Bowles

    I loved the video! It’s so exciting to see what everyone came up with, and thank you so much for doing this 🙂

  • Rosy Rosy

    Thank you for inspiring this video! I enjoyed this Sew Along and I’m sure I will return to participate next year again … I met wonderful people here with my same interests .. sewing community is great!

  • Maybe next year I can participate without messing up my fabric. LOL! Great photos. Everyone did a fabulous job!

  • Wow wow wow. All those outfits are just spectacular. Great video too. A great way to see so many of the dresses. I will definitely be in next year.

  • That was SUPER impressive! It was so fun to watch, especially since I saw a few amazing things I’d missed. So so cool to see the parade all in one place like that, thank you guys for taking the time to put that together, wow!! I’m still blown away at alllll the wonderful garments.

    Looking forward to SFV 2014! You hit the ball out of the stadium! xo

  • sallieforrer

    Wow!! So many amazing looks! I love the video and how you put it all together! Very inspiring!

  • Emily Stringham

    Thank you Rochelle for putting together that great video! So many wonderful outfits. Everyone did an amazing job!!

  • Thanks so much for posting and making this video!

  • What a great video!!!!!! So many beautiful outfits! Thanks for making it such a fun sew along!

  • Brigid

    Thank you so much Rochelle for putting this together!!! It looks great, and the whole sew-along was wonderful! I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Liz Alexandre

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to make the patterns I have been collecting. So much fun to wear too. Everyone made such great outfits. Thanks again.

  • Veronica lewis

    Lovely Video. Great outfits, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HARD WORK.

  • davmac71

    FANTASTIC!!! I wish I’d taken part. Well done on creating a great video- the soundtrack was perfect!

  • Lauren VsTheMachine

    Looks incredible! Makes me want to fill my wardrobe with beautiful 40’s dresses!

  • Nessa

    They look amazing when seen altogether like that!! Fantastic work Wil & Roc.

    • Thank you Nessa, it was fun to put together the video with Rochelle. Everyone’s outfits are awesome!

  • Amazing… I cannot wait to get home and finished my project. I was so sad not finishing on the deadline but very encourage to keep going x

  • My gosh, that must have taken you HOURS!!! Thanks for putting together such an amazing video, and for hosting such a fun sewalong! 🙂

  • Red Point Tailor

    What amazing creations! To all participants – GREAT JOB! It is pleasure looking at all your fabulous garments. Well… something to think about for next year… Rochelle – thanks for all your work!

  • Rebecca Wagner

    They all look so good! 🙂 Great to see them all together X

  • Laura Sinclair

    Wow, these are all unreal! There are some insanely talented ladies out there!

  • This is so cool! Well done!

  • thequirkypeach

    This is so fun! Thank you so so much for hosting the sewalong and making the video – I can’t believe how many amazing outfits were created! Woo-hoo!

  • Cherise

    The video is awesome, seriously! I loved watching what everyone else had created.

    Thank you for hosting this sew-along, I will definitely be participating again 🙂

  • Great work on the video! I wish we could’ve all have some big crazy meet up party after, and all go out in our garments. Haha! That would be a sight!

    Also for future 40’s themed sew a longs, a film noir sew a long would be fun! Everyone could pick their favourite femme fatale and recreate an outfit or make one inspired by an outfit in a film she’s in.

    Can’t wait until next year!

  • What an amazing effort!! Everyone’s creations are amazing! I didn’t officially participate but should have sent you some pics of my latest makes. Oh well – definitely next year!