Sewing is more than a big deal. It’s EVERYTHING.

April 24, 2013


Recently I’ve been blessed (lucky, really) to be featured along with 5 other incredible ladies in the MyDaily article “Seven Reasons Why Sewing Is A Big Deal“. Now, any fellow seamstress already knows why sewing is a big deal. It’s our hobby, our creative outlet, our reason to blog, sometimes our day job, …it’s our whole lives! I was asked to share just three sentences (about my blog and passion for sewing) to accompany the photos I included for the interview, and as you can see from the other responses, it was pretty much impossible to sum it up in less than a paragraph! Trendy or not, I am SO passionate about sewing and I love that it’s on the rise. Sewing IS a big deal and here’s why…

Sewing isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s a way to honor and connect with my mom and grandma, a way to recreate my favorite bygone era, a way to empower myself, to support small business, it’s a means of income, and most importantly it’s been a way for me to meet new people and make new friends. Oona hit the nail on the head when she said sewers have the best, most supportive corner of the internet. We do! Whenever I catch a hint of some lifestyle blogger vs blogger drama on Twitter I just smile knowing that doesn’t really exist in our little crafty web on the web. Sewing, Knitting, Crafting, Making is just such a nurturing thing on its own that it draws nurturing, community driven people to it.

Being a sewing blogger is different. We are not in competition with each other, well maybe some friendly sewing challenge competition every once in a while, but as far as trying to beat out other bloggers strictly for popularity… I feel like that doesn’t happen. If you are new to sewing/blogging and are intimidated by “bigger” sewing blogs, then you’re being silly! I love commenting on “big” sewing blogs because I know my comments are read and are appreciated, and when time allows, even responded to!

The bigger message here is this: YOU are a big deal! You are appreciated! Your creativity IS inspiring, your projects ARE blog worthy, people CARE what you have to say, you are important to the sewing community! Any skill level, any “coolness” factor, any level of “good enough” …YOU MATTER!

On behalf of everyone in the sewing community, I want to wish you a warm welcome. You have found your place.

You belong here.