Too Big For My Doll House

April 17, 2013


This is my latest sewing project made using the Sewaholic Cambie pattern. Instead of making the full dress, I just left off the top and made a skirt version! This skirt is the best thing I’ve ever sewn to date. Not because it was challenging to make, but because of cleanliness and execution on my part.


I used bias tape to bind all of the raw inside seams (my first time doing so) and I love the way it looks. It’s so sharp and neat.




After taking Sunni’s Free Zipper class on Craftsy I learned the proper way to install a lapped zipper and it just so happens to be the best zipper I’ve ever done. EVER. It was because of this skirt that I got cocky and rushed my next sewing project (my Peggy skirt) and ended up throwing it away. It was an unsalvageable failure. But every failure is a lesson! I learned this time that it is rarely my sewing skill that makes a project a disaster, but rather my lack of attention. More specifically, in this case, my math.

I was feeling such a sense of heightened accomplishment after making the Cambie skirt that I got overzealous and tried to alter another skirt pattern to get a better fit. I didn’t even trace the pattern pieces before “doing the math” and hacking off inches at the waist to correct too much ease. I was so sure the math was right and would give me the perfect fit for my size. And technically it was… I had forgotten to add a bit of ease back in to the pattern which made my attempted Peggy skirt, quite literally, skin tight. I was crushed! I needed to finish that skirt before traveling back to New York to visit my mom. I didn’t finish it and I won’t finish it. I have no sewing machine with me and therefore no hope of completing Julia’s Mad Men challenge. I messed up.

I’m bummed, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll tell you what though, after that fitting disaster I can’t explain how excited I am for Erin’s 1920’s challenge! That unfitted flapper silhouette is just the kind of pep talk my sewjo needs!


This is what I would have worn (different skirt obviously) for the Mad Men challenge had I finished it. I suppose this could still pass as Peggy inspired, but it’s just not the same. Anyways, enough with that sad story…


Let me introduce you to my old cat and my old room! I’ve been helping my mom re-do the upstairs bedrooms of her house in preparation for some new tenants. Did you see the original wallpaper we discovered under the baseboards? Amazing!

My little friend here is Miss Tabby Mae. I adopted her when she was 6 months old and I was in 3rd grade. She was my first ever shelter rescue (I couldn’t resist her stubby tail and permanent owl face)! She’s about 18 years old now and still as spry as ever, minus some arthritis in her back legs. I’ve missed her so much since I’ve been in Vermont and can’t wait to spend some more time with her again. She means so much to me… she and the other 4 rescued cats that still live with my mom in New York. My mom isn’t a crazy cat lady lol. I am!!




The weather in my mom’s neck of the woods is incredible! It had been so cold in Vermont for so long that I swear I forgot what it felt like to be warm while outside haha! Lucille really loves having her own deck and her own yard again. Sharing with other neighbors and their obnoxious dogs is no fun.


And for the record: Lucille and the kitties get along swell. They always have, though I don’t think the cats were overly impressed when she waltzed back through the door.


“Oh. It’s you again. …dog”

O.G. Tabby is impressed by nothing.

*edited for those who asked*
hair, shoes, sweater (thrift store), skirt fabric


p.s. I forgot how hard it is to take photos of yourself all by yourself. Wil! Get here soon!