Home Sweet Sewing Room

May 24, 2013

Greetings from Upstate New York! So things have been a little crazy the past two months but we’re finally now starting to get back to normal again. Wil got offered a job from a really amazing web company where he can work from home, and after much debate we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to move closer to our families. Vermont has been incredible and we’ve loved every minute of the two years we’ve been there, but there’s really nothing that can beat home sickness except going home. Needless to say, after the job was official, we had about two weeks to move our whole lives back across state. There are so many things we didn’t get to do in Vermont, and so many people that I didn’t get to say goodbye to, but we’ll definitely be making a trip back up as soon as we can.

The good news is, I have a brand new sewing room!



It’s really not a whole lot different from my old sewing room (which was secretly my dining room), except I painted the furniture and arranged things a bit differently. I was searching for the perfect aqua paint color and immediately fell in love with this one mainly because the name is so awesome. It’s called “Mermaid’s Song” by Valspar. Tell me that’s not the coolest paint color ever!



I still have a bit more rearranging to do. I recently inherited a massive yarn stash that I’ve yet to find a place to put, but I couldn’t say no to free yarn! …I also can’t say no to homeless cats. That’s why I have five of them.


Yep. I’m SO excited to be reunited with my kitties!! Though Nikko here is kind of is a massive brat and has been pretending she could care less that I’m home. Whatever, Nikko. You know you love me.


This little cactus got left behind before we moved into our place in Vermont so I decided to keep him and then transport him with us to NY. He’s our little piece of the Green Mountain State that I’m trying not to kill. I’m not sure how “green” my thumb is. What’s a good name for a cactus?


There’s slightly less natural light in this new room but at least it’s off the ground floor so I can leave the curtains wide open and not have to worry about neighbors peeping in on me. I tried to use lots of bright cheery colors to make up for the smaller window.


Oh yes, I should mention that the other side of the room is occupied by William now that he works from home and also needed an office space.


I’d say that’s a pretty typical “his” and “hers” situation.


Lucille is actually really happy to be back home too even though her face says otherwise. It’s nice to have our own yard again, and be able to walk her in a nice quiet neighborhood, where the few other dogs are also walked on leash, so we don’t have to worry about being charged (or attacked) by off leash dogs anymore.

It’s been bittersweet to leave Vermont, we lived there long enough to fall in love with it, but all in all we’re very happy to be back surrounded by family and old friends. I also can’t tell you how excited I am to be closer to WWII reenactments and renaissance festivals!!

Stay tuned for more New York adventures! …and cat photos. Lots more cat photos.