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I’m a Lumber Jill and I’m Okay


Oh hey, back so soon? Yes, well, I finished up my latest sewing project and just couldn’t wait to share it. Since I had been away from my sewing machine for nearly three weeks, I decided I better re-make my last most successful garment to get back in the swing of things.


That last most successful garment I made happened to be a skirt version of the Sewaholic Cambie pattern. I had second thoughts as I started putting this pattern together since I don’t even wear denim skirts. “Why am I making a denim skirt?? …I don’t want a denim skirt. I could be sewing so many other things right now” said me to myself. Half way through construction I seriously considered ditching it all together and moving on to my Great Gatsby project. But, I figured I better start practicing a little discipline since I just applied for school and there are certainly going to be things I don’t want to finish (*cough* small business mathematics *cough*).



Now that it’s all finished though I’m really happy with it! I guess I DO wear denim skirts after all.


I left the bottom pocket seams raw on accident, and didn’t realize it until after the seam binding was already on the sides. They look kinda cute left raw though so whatever. It’s on the inside anyways!


I did a button tab waistband and lapped zipper again. I can’t help it, I just really like the way it looks. This is pretty much how I finish anything and everything meant to go on the bottom half of your body. (Speaking of which, I hope it’s obvious that I took the above two photos after the initial photoshoot and was in fact wearing pants while doing so. Yeah?)

I used a cheap stretch denim from Jo-Ann Fabrics paired with some regular quilting weight cotton for the pockets and inner waistband. I like having a stash of fabric and notions at home because it allows you to sew things like this on a whim. Yay for whimsical sewing!




I stole this checkered shirt from my mum while visiting and have pretty much been wearing it every day since. No shame. It’s super cute and equally comfy!



This location is actually a wedding venue that just happens to be right down the road from me. It must be nice to afford a wedding at this place! Pretty fancy! I wanted to sneak some photos here before it starts getting booked up for wedding season. Mission accomplished 😉




This is probably my new favorite photo of myself since it sums up my nerdiness perfectly. All I do is push my glasses up on my face. Even when I’m not wearing them I still catch myself trying to push them up haha! Yeah. SUPER NERD.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering where Miss Lucille is at, she’s here. She was just in dire need of a bath and I didn’t want her to look scrubby on camera. I feel like a bad mom when she looks scrubby lol. I’m sure I’m not the only kid who had to stay home from school once or twice because I was faking my baths all week and when my mom found out how gross I was she refused to let me go. …please say I’m not the only kid who did that.

You can breathe easier now knowing that Lucille and I have both had baths this evening and are no longer scrubs 😉 I’ll make sure she gets lots of spotlight in the next post!