Gertie’s New Pattern for Better Pants

June 18, 2013

I’ve had my eye on this pattern since it was released back in February and was expecting to see a multitude of blog posts about it shortly after it became available. …but I haven’t seen any. Sallie just wrote about another particularly unpopular sewing pattern that she happens to love, and it made me wonder. What makes a potentially popular sewing pattern so unpopular? Butterick 5895 looks super cute on the pattern cover, does it not? I think so! So why is no one sewing it?


I will admit the “Big Four” sewing companies always make me hesitate, especially with fitted styles, because they’re notorious for adding absurd amounts of ease into their patterns. Sadly, the B5895 pattern is no exception. If I followed the size chart on the back of the pattern I would have cut out a size between 8 and 10. Here’s a lesson for you right now: don’t ever directly follow the (explicit deleted) size charts on Big Four sewing patterns!! Why? Because after consulting the finished measurements and wearing ease printed on the actual pattern tissue, I ended up cutting out a size 4 and they’re still roomy!! That’s nearly FOUR sizes down! (I’m shaking my head at you right now, Butterick!)


My suspicion is people attempt to sew patterns like this, end up swimming inside all the extra ease, think they need to do a million complicated fitting adjustments because they swear they cut the right size, and end up just chucking the pants in the corner hoping they’ll spontaneously combust and disappear. I bet that’s why no one has blogged about these pants yet.

I was fully expecting my experience with these pants to be similar to what I just described, but much to my surprise, they turned out SUPER cute!!





Since I attempted these pants as more of a muslin than anything else, I didn’t spend a lot of time finishing the inside seams as well as I could have. Now I wish I did because I really like the way they turned out! That’s the problem with muslins, I think. Sometimes they just end up being really awesome on the outside, but left really unfortunately un-awesome on the inside. I did add a print fabric for the pocket lining which I rather like.


These pants would look better if I washed them before taking photos to tighten them up a bit more, but they’re so comfortable I couldn’t help but wear them all day yesterday and today! (Stretch cotton sateen is where it’s at!) They don’t look half bad from the back though, even after wearing them all day long.


I’m definitely going to try to make another pair (with a few small adjustments) one of these days, especially after seeing this episode of Call The Midwife. I’m kind of obsessed with Nurse Franklin’s look here. Can you tell? 😉



Have you made these pants before? I’d love to see your version!