Leafy Greens

June 15, 2013


Today William and I went out for lunch and iced frappuccinos so I could wear my latest sewing project. It’s a classic 1940’s style Dirndl skirt made from a cotton print by Denyse Schmidt for Jo-Ann Fabrics. (If I’m ever M.I.A, check the Denyse Schmidt isle of Jo-Anns first. I practically live there. LOVE her fabrics!)



Lunch was delicious but slightly upsetting because I managed to spill salad dressing all over this new skirt of mine. Figures!


If you haven’t made a Dirndl skirt before, I think you should give it a try. They’re super easy to sew (just two giant squares gathered together at the waist) and very flattering.


Mine has a lapped zipper and a button tab closure at the side, as well as a lovely spot of citrus vinaigrette on the front. I think skirts look especially cute paired with a skinny belt like the one I found at a thrift store recently. Pennsylvania has all the best Salvation Armies, FYI.


I’m still on a quest to find the best 1940’s style skirt for me. Maybe I’ll try a swing style skirt next? I get a bit envious when fellow sewists talk about their favorite go-to patterns that they sew over and over again. Alas, I do not have a favorite go-to pattern yet. Guess I just need to sew more!


Whatever I sew next, I’ll remember to take photos of it before embarking on the salad. Some dressings are not meant to be worn.


What’s your favorite “go-to” pattern?