Geneseo Air Show

July 14, 2013


William and I spent the afternoon at the Greatest Show on Turf: The Geneseo Airshow. It was unbearably hot outside, over 90 degrees with one million percent humidity, so we could only muster one lap around the show before both of our faces were literally melting off. We were hoping to go on Saturday and stay for the dance, but we had a wedding to attend instead so Sunday was our day to go.ย Wil got some great shots of the planes that I wanted to share.




Everyone was taking cover underneath the parked planes trying to keep out of the sun! Not a bad way to watch the show actually, but even in the shade, the temperature was just too hot to ignore.


The planes were a welcome distraction to the face melting weather, and it’s easy to forget about pretty much everything when watching these amazing machines fly. We got to see Whiskey Seven in actionย which was a real treat. The last time I encountered this plane she was just parked, so to see her up in the air put a wide smile on my face ๐Ÿ™‚



I appropriately wore my 40’s home front overalls, which I decided to cut into shorts (because, again, pants in 90 degree heat equals insanity), complete with a WWII sweetheart pin that I recently found at a local antique store. I was hoping the long sleeves would help keep the sun off me, but I’m pretty sure I would have fried no matter what I wore. …did I mention it was really hot out?!








All of the planes were really neat, but watching Quick Silver fly really made you stop dead in your tracks and just stare. I wish I got a video of the 16 point turn, which is basically a barrel roll with a pause at every point in the rotation …it’s still blowing my mind hours later. Also, the noise they make it incredible! Regardless of the heat, the day was amazing and worth every penny it cost for the ticket, even though we couldn’t stay long. I’m really looking forward to next year!

Have you ever been to an air show? What did you think?