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Boy things have been busy around here! First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who left a tutorial suggestion in myΒ recent post. There are some seriously great ideas in the comments and I’m working on making many of them happen for you.


In other news, I got to meet a blogging friend in real life!! I originally “met” Gillian through the Colette Handbook Sewalong back in January 2012 and I’ve been following her blog ever since. She and her husband came down to Buffalo NY from Canada and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet her in person. I was slightly nervous at first, but Gillian is every bit as sweet as she seems online. She’s just a nice, normal, awesome person! (…I hope she thought the same about me haha!) We were too busy laughing and talking to take any photos other than this one. I think that’s a sign of a great time had by all.


I got an amazing thank you package in the mail from Project Sunshine! This seriously made my day, week, month etc! I’m going to hang the letter on my wall next to my sewing table. It makes me smile ear to ear.





Yesterday I scored some more WWII era LIFE magazines to add to my growing collection, two awesome books (also from the 40’s, no surprise) and two vintage patterns. This antique store was advertising their vintage sewing patterns as great for “Modge Podge crafts like scrapbooking”. That’s blasphemous!!! Especially considering these two included the instructions and were still in factory folds. I bought the one on the left for myself, and the one on the right for my bestie, Erin. It was her birthday recently and I’ve been collecting some things to send out to her πŸ˜‰


And finally, Lucille and I have been hammin’ it up in the summer sunshine! Seriously, that dog is a ham.


Links Loved:
Have you seen these detailed Game of Thrones costume shots?! Amazing.

I recently finished the “Shape Up Your Content” eCourse offered by the ladies at Braid Creative. They’re working with me behind the scenes on some blog/brand improvements and I can not recommend them enough. Tara and Kathleen are magical creative geniuses.

I also recently finished the Design and Sew an A-line Skirt class on Craftsy and it’s been super informative. The instructor is really fun to learn from, and I definitely suggest giving it a shot if you’re interested in learning the basics about flat pattern drafting. I’ll share my finished skirt photos soon.

I was really sad to see Melody Miller’s typewriter design get blatantly ripped off by whoever made these socks for ModCloth. So not cool.

Check out this very couture looking froggy backpackΒ pattern! Ha! It’s so ridiculous and amazing. What will Vogue think of next?

How is your summer going so far?



  • For an update on the typewriter design copy story please see this post by Melody Miller herself

  • I read Cherry Ames books when I was a kid and I loved them!

  • HIya! I had so much fun meeting you! Lovely to put a voice and personality to all of your blogging. And great to meet Wil, too! Now all we need is for you to get a passport and we can plan a meetup in Canada with Sarah! πŸ™‚

  • So many awesome going-ons as of late, dear gal! The package that you received from the folks at Project Sunshine is so immensely sweet. Love the vintage Life magazines, one might not always think of them first and foremost as a fashion magazine, but they truly had some excellent fashion covers, spreads and stories over the years.

    β™₯ Jessica

  • misscrayolacreepy

    So jealous that Gillian got to meet you! Oh, Luke is obsessed with Game of Thrones! We started it on Saturday night and watched six episodes. And thank you for always thinking of me when you see awesome patterns. I get spoiled by you!

  • How sad about the socks!

    I often wish that costume design had been on my radar when I was thinking about colleges–my education may have gone very differnetly!

    Also–I have a copy of Beautiful Joe too! It was my Grandma’s from when she was a kid and it in pretty rough shape (the cover is literally held on by threads). It’s a really cute story if you ever read it.

  • How fun that you got to meet Gillian!!! She’s so sweet!

    I used to read lots of old books about dogs when I was a girl– I had a large collection of 40’s-’60’s animal novels that were my uncle’s. I need to find them! They must be at my grandma’s somewhere… thanks for reminding me of those happy memories!

  • You and Gillian are so cute! How fun to have had such a nice meetup. I still can’t believe the antique mall had the patterns for scrapbooking… although I tried telling this to a few people and they didn’t get it. πŸ˜› Those patterns are so adorable, I can totally see Erin in the one on the right!

  • Wow, that backpack is something else. The dark houndstooth makes it look oddly sophisticated.

  • Dem Vogue backbacks! I thought I was going to find some Kermit-green kid’s backpack, but that owl and frog! I srly love them! I don’t know if you linked them sarcastically, but I like, legit love that pattern and want to make it now.

  • Those costumes are AMAZING! So much skill!

  • Bob Mackie once said “If people take your ideas, let them. You can always come up with new ones, they can’t.”
    The woman who does all that embroidery for “Game of Thrones” has her own blog and talks about her process, I can dig up the link for it if you like. I’ll have to check out that ecourse when I get back from the Longest Yard Sale in a couple of weeks. That looks cool : )

    • Rochelle

      I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia

    Love your blog! I’ve been following it for a couple months. I have a small collection of the Cherry Ames books. My girls are starting to read them.

    • Rochelle

      Thank you, Olivia πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to reading the book, and also going back to get some more from the series. They had many, but I figured I should start with one first.

  • Those GOT costumes are amazing! Such skill!

  • Aaah, just love that photo of you and Gillian. You both look so happy and comfortable and gorgeous. That bag is hilarious!

  • Yeah, those costumes are spectacular! I plan on being Daenerys for Halloween and making her blue dress with the gold filigree belt, but I doubt I’ll do it justice. It does, however, provide me with an opportunity to break out my chainmaille skills for the belt and shoulder pieces and let me be a badass pretty princess for Halloween. πŸ˜€