Chronically Vintage interview, Welcome new readers!

August 27, 2013

Today the beautiful Miss Jessica, of Chronically Vintage, has interviewed me on her blog. She asked some fantastic questions that I haven’t been asked before and it was a pleasure to talk about vintage sewing and rescuing pets with her. Click here to read the interview!

For those of you who are new to Lucky Lucille, hello and welcome!

Here are three of my favorite posts featuring Lucille: onetwothree


Jessica also mentions how we met, and yep, it’s all because of wigs!

Here are three of my favorite posts featuring me in a wig: onetwothreefour


ย (every post on this blog is me in a wig up until very recently)

If you’re a Lucky Lucille reader who’s new to Chronically Vintage, then you should definitely pop on over and say hello to Jessica! She shares the most gorgeous vintage outfit posts, and lots of resources that any fellow vintage lover will appreciate.

Thanks again, Jessica!