Loom Knit Beanie

August 24, 2013

The idea of passing down skills through the generations is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. I come from a long line of sewers and knitters in my family, so of course I agreed to take a class from TheAmazings.com when they offered. The Amazings is an online platform where you can take craft related classes with a mission of learning from Elders. Pretty neat, huh? I think so!


I chose the Loom Knit Beanie course because I love knitting, but haven’t learned to knit in the round yet, so this class was the perfect opportunity for me to finally knit my own hat. The Amazings class differed from a similar class on Craftsy in a few big ways, which I found really neat. Firstly, this class was very low key and informal. It didn’t feel like I was taking a class at all! It felt more like I was at a local knitting night, listening in on a woman teaching someone to loom knit. The instruction was less direct, but no less effective, because clearly I have an awesome new hat to prove I learned something! Another big difference is in the American vs English yarn terminology. The instructor, Dot, had a lot of funny things to say about “strange things the Americans do” (I don’t think knitting bath towels is one of them hehe! Has anyone heard of that?) and apparently we use a lot of fat yarns.


Well in my case, yes, I certainly used the fattest yarn I could get my hands on! But even our standard worsted weight yarn is on the fat side in the UK from what I can tell. With the help of this yarn conversion chart I figured out the two strands of 4 ply yarn, as shown in the video, is almost the same thickness as worsted weight, so I could have used that for the same effect. I wanted a really chunky and tight looking knit though, so I ended up using Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn (which is a super bulky weight acrylic), color: Grand Rapids Green.


I have to say, loom knitting is sinfully easy and fast! I made up this whole beanie using the e-wrap stitch and it only took me a few episodes of Supernatural on Netflix before I was finishing up and making the pom for the top. It was awesome! I guess I am super American in the sense that I like fast projects and I like fat yarn. Sue me 😉


(Recognize the dress?)


All in all I really enjoyed taking a class on The Amazings, and would certainly try another one of their classes in the future. They have some really unique ones to offer that you won’t find anywhere else (at a really reasonable price!) and I’m still in love with the fact that I’m learning from someone’s grandma!

If my hair was longer, I’d take the Retro Hair Dos class right now!


If you’ve thought about getting into knitting, but don’t have a lot of time or patience, then I highly suggest learning to knit on a loom. It’s very calming and repetitive, without all the frustration of regular knitting (for me at least!), so I think I’ll keep my loom close by in anxiety inducing situations. The plastic rainbow colored looms do feel a little childish, but hey, who am I to judge? I just spent my afternoon in the woods flopping over logs and giggling like a school girl. I looked pretty spiffy doing it in my new amazing hat, though!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

p.s. I do not have a pompom maker. When I was a kid, my mom taught me how to make them the old fashioned way with a bit of cardboard. See? I told you I’m all for learning from your elders!