Fall For Cotton – 1950 “Fabric Notes”

September 26, 2013

I recently bought some goodies from one of my favorite eBay shops, and the seller graciously threw in a few extra gifts. I love that!


One of those gifts was this great little booklet written by Ethelwyn Dodson – Extension Clothing Specialist (now there’s a title!). I wanted to share the chapter about cotton since it ties in perfectly with our sewalong right now.


I love little insights like this into past decades. Have you ever heard of plaid denim, “air conditioning” cottons, or corduroy raincoats?


I don’t think you hear the word “Luminal” too much anymore. It sounds so fancy! Anyone using any Luminal or Metallic fabric for their Fall For Cotton project? (Do they count metallic thread/glitter as a percentage in fiber content? Now I’m curious!) How about any kind of specially finished cotton? The twill I’m using for my pants might have some sort of wrinkle guard, but now I can’t remember. All I know is it’s 100% cotton!

Speaking of Fall For Cotton, it wraps up on Monday, September 30th so this is the last week/weekend to finish your projects and upload your photos to the Flickr pool (photos due before the end of the day on 9/30)!