Farmerette Trousers – Take 1

September 3, 2013

I have to thank everyone for their kind words on my stress induced blog post yesterday. I loved all the suggestions on how to deal, and I actually ended up getting a lot of things done because of your ideas. I snuggled with Lucille and the kitties for a while, watched an embarrassing amount of Supernatural on Netflix, and started a new knitting project (I learned a new stitch!). I also decided I wanted to be a redhead again so I dug some of my old wigs out of the closet, and finally, I took some photos for a new blog tutorial, and got some work done on the muslin version of my Fall For Cotton trousers! I think there’s something to the whole multi-tasking thing…


I didn’t get a whole lot of sewing done yesterday, but I got enough done to make a dent and I was able to finish my “Farmerette” trousers today!


I worked through these quickly so they’re not perfect, but they’re definitely wearable as far as test garments go! I used the PDF version of the Wearing History WWII Homefront Overalls pattern and I’d say they’re definitely a true 40’s reproduction based on how they fit.


The waist is a little tight now after making the front pleats deeper, the waistband is too thick (also my error), and I didn’t pay enough attention to the buttonhole placement, but these turned out pretty well! Especially since I was too lazy to look up the directions so I put them together from memory. I haven’t made this pattern before, but pants go together like pants so who needs directions anyways, right?


As I mentioned, the fit here is definitely authentic 40’s. The inseam feels way too short compared to modern styles, the crotch length is super long (it has to be or you can’t sit down), and the bum is… well look at it. It’s ridiculously flattering. *sarcasm*


Kenneth (that name is totally sticking, you guys! haha!) has decided that he hates rusty rakes and trousers with pleats.


As far as wear-ability goes, these trousers totally work. Lucille and I pulled some weeds just to put them to the test.


Actually, Lucille started pulling weeds on her own and I just decided I should pretend like I was a real Farmerette!



She’s so darn cute! Oh, and did you notice my socks? Haha! I’m classy like that.


I’m torn because I want to make some alterations to these trousers to make them more wearable for everyday, but if I change them too much, they won’t be so 40’s anymore. Hmm, it’s a tough choice! I could definitely wear them to reenactments as they are, but I really could use some that are more appropriate for everyday. Maybe they’ll look better in corduroy? I bought navy blue cotton twill to match my inspiration outfit, but I’m thinking a small wale cord might make the overall look less dressy.


I suppose for sake of the sewalong, I shouldn’t make any major changes to the pants. They look pretty darn close to the photo as they are! Next up, I have to put together my shirt.

How is your Fall For Cotton project coming along? It’s not too late to join in!!