Sears and Roebuck 1942 Reproduction Outfit

September 29, 2013


Here it is! My Fall For Cotton project inspired by a “Farmerette” outfit in the Fall/Winter Sears and Roebuck catalog from 1942. You can read more about my inspiration here, and see more garment construction photos here. I think that about sums it up as far as outfit explanation, so let’s just get to the photos!








Here are some more, in black and white, just for good measure 😉



Disclaimer: Even though I was in fact standing next to a real apple tree, I definitely brought my own apples to shoot on location bahaha! I’m so fancy like that.

Aww, you guys! I’m sad that Fall For Cotton is pretty much over! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated and submitted project photos to the Flickr pool. There were so many incredible garments made, and I’m sincerely proud of everyone’s effort and enthusiasm. A job well done all around!

I would like to have all photos in by the end of the day on Monday the 30th (tomorrow), but as long as you can get them in before the 4th, I will still include you in the wrap-up slide show next week.

Tasha and I will be hosting some giveaways as a special treat for those who completed a project on time, so check back on October 1st for your chance to win!

Thanks again for another fantastic sewalong.

p.s. A huge thank you to my darling, William, who follows me around endlessly with a camera, trying to make me look good on this blog. I don’t give him near enough recognition <3 xoxo