Serious, Silly Sewing

September 9, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a preview of this sewing project already, and you will know that it manifested by accident as I was elbow deep in a sewing room overhaul. The problem with overhauling your sewing room is you often rediscover hidden gems that have been tucked away for a long while. Okay, that sounds more like Christmas than a problem, the problem is actually when you rediscover those things and then immediately drop the cleaning and start the sewing.


Let’s back up to the beginning of the weekend (before I tore half my house apart), on my last trip to Joann’s, when I was browsing for possible patterns to help me make my Fall For Cotton shirt. The one I walked out with isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but for a fraction of its original price (on sale for $1.99!), it was good enough for me to play around with. Sometimes these trips make me feel guilty for the patterns I forgot were in my stash already, which is where the guilt cleaning entered my weekend…

As I was cleaning, I was going back and forth between which fabric to use for a test fit when I rediscovered this amazing Flamingo print gifted to me by my BSF (Blog-y, Sew-y Friend), Erin. I hadn’t forgotten about it, I was just waiting for the exact right project to come along. It wasn’t until I had chucked all of my fabrics off their shelves and onto the floor when I found the gingham “Ah ha!” fabric (that I definitely forgot I had) that inspired the magic that ensued shortly after.


When I say magic, I actually mean ridiculousness in the best possible sense. I sat on the floor of my sewing space, surrounded by craft chaos, and thought to myself “…Flamingos and gingham? Do I dare?”.
Spoiler Alert: Yes I do!


Sometimes you just need to set the “serious” sewing aside for a minute and make something wild and fun. Most of my sewing now-a-days revolves around WWII reenactments, but I’ve always loved non-40’s novelty prints and bright colors too. I did add some 1940’s sleeves to this shirt though, I couldn’t help it.



I’m only sharing little snippets of this shirt right now because it’s not finished yet, but I’m having so much fun making it! So much fun, in fact, that I may, or may not, have managed to sew one of the sleeves on inside out and I didn’t even get mad about it! I mean, some amateur broke into my house and sewed it on inside out. That, or the sewing faeries are up to no good again. …or maybe I did it. Whatever. It’s fixed now.

I think everyone needs to take a break from real wardrobe sewing, work sewing, sewing competitions, or any kind of “serious” sewing, and just make something seriously silly once in a while. Because come on, life is too short to not have a shirt that looks like you stole it from a waitress at a Rockabilly Tiki bar.

How about you, do you do more “serious” sewing or more “silly” sewing?



— Oh, back to serious sewing for a second though, Colette Patterns is currently second place in the Martha Stewart American Made competition but I want them to win! If it wasn’t for Colette patterns, I wouldn’t even be a sewing blogger and that’s the truth. So please vote! You can vote 6 times in a row, every day, until the 22nd. Come on, Sewing Community! Let’s make this happen.

Also in serious sewing news, Christine Haynes released a new sewing pattern: The Emery Dress. It’s beautiful! —