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Fall For Cotton – Giveaway Time!

If you completed your Fall For Cotton project by the deadline, then Tasha and I would like to reward you with a chance to win one of four awesome prizes: Two here, and two on Tasha’s blog!



Prize Pack One consists of a vintage mail order pattern, six pink vintage buttons, and two yards of Pellon tracing paper. The pattern is complete and appeared to be in factory folds before I checked to make sure all the pieces were there. It’s a super cute, VERY simple dress (just 2 pieces and the facings!) from the late 50’s or 60’s. The size is large but would be very simple to scale down for any size. The pattern pieces are unprinted, but you can follow my tutorial if you’re not familiar with how to trace/use unprinted patterns.



Prize Pack Two contains a Butterick Reproduction pattern for 1954 apron styles (now out of print!), 1 and 1/8th yards of this Alexander Henry cotton fabric, 2 packets of red ric rac totaling 5 yards, and one large scrap for some patch pockets. That’s one seriously cute apron ready to be made!



1.) You must have completed your Fall For Cotton project and uploaded your photos by the deadline**.

2.) You must leave ONE comment below including a valid email address, your first name, and your Flickr username.

3.) You must leave your comment before midnight on Saturday, October 5th PST

Be sure to enter Tasha’s giveaways as well!!

(There will only be one winner per each of the 4 giveaways, drawn at random, and you cannot win twice. This giveaway is open to all qualified FFC participants worldwide.)

Good Luck!!


**If you’re reading this and you haven’t finished your project and uploaded your photos, then you’ve missed the deadline πŸ™ But, if you’re rreeeaallllyy close to finishing and would like to still be included in the wrap-up parade video then please get your photos in before the 6th!

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  • Hello Rochelle,
    Thank you and Tasha for organizing the Fall for Cotton sew along. I had such a wonderful time joining the group and sewing my dress. All the ladies did a fantastic job and it was amazing to see such beautiful garments. Once again, thank you.


  • Can’t want to see the final project parade πŸ™‚ My flickr name is Melli Bee and my mail is πŸ™‚

  • Exciting! I totally loved taking part in this sew-along, thank you so much guys! Flickr username is Jen_TeaforTwo, email addy Xxx

  • woolbothy

    Loved it all, from start to finish.

    Flickr username woolbothy, first name Caroline and email address

  • Ooh fun! I got my photo in so long ago (glad I did as I did not manage to finish the rest of what I wanted to do *sigh*) that I have since worn my skirt multiple times LOL And I am really glad I came to see this on my birthday!

    spinneretta at gmail dot com
    spinneretta on Flickr

  • My first sew a long and i loved it. thank you for organising it.
    Erin Hill
    Flickr : elo0808

  • Ooooohh! Lovely!
    Thank you so much for organizing this great challenge! Didn’t know there were gifts πŸ™‚
    Let’s hope ^^ :
    I’m Wildchildsophie on Flickr
    I’m Sophie in real life πŸ™‚
    my email :

  • Christina

    Cool, a giveaway πŸ™‚ my email is: chrichrimano@yahoo and my flickr is: chrichrimano

  • I’m so glad I participated in this sewing challenge! I’m really happy with the 1940s blouse I made. I wasn’t sure I’d finish on time because I got a late start – but I did complete it. My email is I’m not exactly sure what my Flickr name is – either Chuleenan or Csews or C Sews. Thank you Rochele and Tasha!
    – Chuleenan

  • Sarajolie86!, Thank you!

  • I really enjoyed the sew along! I’m Allie, my flickr is throughthealley, and my email is

  • Hannah

    Thanks Rochelle and also to Tasha for hosting this super fun sewing challenge!

    My name: Hannah
    My flickr username: doeeyeddame
    My email:

  • I absolutely had a blast sewing for this challenge, thanks so much for putting it on!!

    flickr: littlechopper

  • What lovely prizes, would love to be included. My flickr name is Lazy Seamstress, real name Jeanette Archer and my email is

  • Fun! My name and email are attached to the comment form and here’s my Flickr account.

  • This was my first sew along, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects. I wish I had done more than one project and had had more time to go through the Flickr photos, but I definitely feel excited to do another sew along, and next time will make more time to get to know others participating. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun sew along and giveaway!
    Name: Sarah W.
    Flickr name: Betsy’s Baby (I think or it’s fiddlemeone, I joined flickr just for this sew along.)

  • joellestlaurent

    awesome! thanks again for hosting. i’m joellestlaurent on flickr, my name is joelle and my email is joelle.stlaurent (at)

  • Oh boy, now I can’t remember by flickr name, I think it’s LoranW but I’m not sure : ) But my email is
    I used this challenge to get a bunch of stuff done, nothing like a deadline for a sewalong for inspiration so Thank You!!
    (P.S. I couldn’t load the last few outifts I made to flickr, it said I could only load 3 photos a month so that’s why they didn’t make it there.) Thanks for hosting!!

  • weeee awesome prizes! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the giveaway. I guess that I am eligible even though my dress was kind of a bust. I finished it LOL.
    my name is Brandy (asa vintageattempt)
    my flickr username is btotten

  • Hello, I like that the give away is open world wide. πŸ™‚
    My name is Jenny, my mail is jenny.johansson (a) and I’m a bit at a loss about the flickr user name since I log in by my gmail… but on my page on flickr it says “Jenny Johansson” followed by “JennyJohansson”, so hopefully it’s one of those.

  • That apron prize pack is too adorable! Thanks so much for hosting this event, it was my first sewalong/online challenge. Finally one came along that was just the right thing at the right time for me! email: flickr name: brocadegoddess

  • This was a really great experience. I had a great time creating my garment and also feeling inspired by the work of others. After seeing this great collection I have a few more things to add to my wardrobe.

    I’m Caroline
    My flickr username is SewSewcial
    My email is

    Once again thank you for doing this. It was amazing!

  • Hi! I’m Bobbi, Bobbilicious on flickr, and my email is
    Thank you!

  • How sweet! Just getting back to some sewing was the real treat for me. That and seeing so many inspiring creations on the Flicker board. Some amazingly talented people out there. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  • Nanaho

    How lovely–that fabric and those buttons are just too cute! My flickr is k.nana_chan and my email is Thank you!

  • Interesting and fun sewing challenge!
    My name: Sanna
    Flickr name: space_dices

  • Julia

    How exciting!
    Name is -Julia
    flickr name is -Haselinchen
    email was provided in the details before posting the comment
    This was so much fun! Cannot wait for more sew alongs πŸ™‚

  • I’ve really enjoyed participating in this sew-along!
    My Flickr name is Helen 20thcenturycloth
    My name is Helen Snell!

  • Thank you! My name is Beccie, my email is beccieblossom(at), and my Flikr username is SewRetroRose πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for this giveaway!

    First name: Elena
    Flickr name: Lomeraniel
    Email: elenaknits (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Wow – so generous – first a giveaway, now prizes!!
    Name: Liz email: liz[dot]alexandre[at]gmail[dot]com Flickr: BusyLizzieInBrizzy

  • Thank you for hosting this, you two!
    name- Carla
    flickr name- tinyangrycrafts

  • Valarie

    It has been wonderful seeing all the beautiful fabrics and patterns. Flickr name: Val-der-ri. Cheers!

  • Wonderful prizes, thank you for hosting the sew-along!
    My name: Leslie
    My email:
    My Flickr: LeeLee McFierce

  • yay! Thanks for a wonderful sewalong Rochelle–it’s been fun.

    Jacqui, QuiPardue on flickr, and e-mail:

  • What a great giveaway! I love both of those patterns.
    My flickr name is: Gjeometry
    First name: Catja

  • What a nice surprise!

    I’m Ashley (Ashley_Kat on Flickr) and email is

  • Sweet! I’m missourimel on Flickr and my email address was provided when I entered this comment. I can also be contacted through my blog at Fingers crossed! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Ooo! My flickr name is Frenia and I can be reached at

  • What a wonderful time! Not only did you and all of the sewing community inspire me to finish my garment but your sew along also got my daughter more involved and gave her a goal, which I can proudly say she met! Thanks so much for being a wonderful sewing community!

    My flickr name is: ks.gentry / SewMuch2Learn
    My email address is:

  • What cute prizes! My email is, and my Flickr username is aebirk. Thanks for running this giveaway, and for hosting the contest!

  • Amber

    Love the buttons! My email is my first name is Amber and my flickr name is Amber Hunter. Thank you!

  • It was great doing the sew along thank you! πŸ™‚ and here is my information for the giveaway, Zena, Zena Palacio

  • redknitter

    First the sewalong, now prizes? You’re both so generous!

    ~Cheryl (redknitterATgmailDOTcom, red.knitter on flickr)

  • this was my first sewalong! so fun. my email is, and my flickr name is some real things

  • BΓ©a

    Wot larks! I would love to be in with a chance to win one of these pretties!

    Me: BΓ©a
    Me on flickr: Bea’ssSewingAdventures
    Me on email:

    And I’m *so* looking forward to seeing the Parade video.

  • Ooh, I’d love to win your first prize pack! That vintage pattern might just actually fit me! I’m Mary and my flickr user name is Scary_Merry and my email is Thanks for hosting this!

  • This was a great sewalong!! And those are great buttons. πŸ™‚

    Name: Emily
    Flickr: livinvintage

  • Thank you to both of you for hosting! It’s been fun seeing everyone’s projects.

    Name: Ginny
    Flickr Name: laceduplady
    Email: laceduplady@hotmail,com

  • Count me in! I love vintage! and I’m Zibergirl on flickr. Thanks.

  • Fantastic challenge, thanks so much.
    Flickr name:- shessewbusy
    Name:- Crow

  • I loved this sew along, thanks for hosting it! I’m Claire, or I want to be a turtle on Flickr,

  • Oh how cute! I’m SeamstressErin on Flickr. Thanks for hosting the sewalong! Hearts! – Erin

  • Oh my goodness, both prizes are wonderful…just checked Tasha’s and how I’d love to win any of the four! Email: jannapy@hotmaildotcom, Name: JJ, Flicker Username: JJ@DressUpNotDown!

  • My name: Sara
    My Flickrname: Sara Hoste
    My mailadress:

  • Awesome prizes! And such a fun sewalong!
    My name: Melanie
    My Flickr Name: Melanie_TheSeedsof3
    My email:

  • Oh yay! Email:, Flickr: rosiewednesday, Name: Lauren

  • Hi there, great sew along, i’ve really enjoyed it, I’m Alison Daly but friends call me Ally, email is and flicker is ally at honey pot. I look forward to the next one. ally x

  • Carolina here.. otherwise known as lovelolabk on flickr and email address is πŸ™‚

  • So exciting! I entered two garments in the flickr pool – my name is sewclassic and my email is Thanks for hosting such a fun sewing challenge!

  • Yay! A giveaway! My email is: and my flickr name is: tanyamaile
    Thanks Rochelle and Tasha!
    — Tanya

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