Please Vote for Lucky Lucille!

October 17, 2013


I owe everyone who nominated me in the Craftsy Blogger Awards a huge thank you because guess what… I’m an official nominee!!

This sounds super corny, but I feel like a winner already just by being one of four official nominees in my category. Of course, it would be rrreeeaaalllly nice to actually win! So I need your help one more time. This is a one vote per person type of deal so I promise not to bug you to vote everyday. Just vote once and that’s it.

If you’d like to vote for us then please:

Visit this link, then scroll down to the second box of nominees titled: Sewing – Best Photography. Click “vote” under the Lucky Lucille logo (all other options will dim), enter your email address, (make sure the box is checked to “vote in this poll”, and if you check the box to receive updates from Craftsy then you shouldn’t have to make an account first). Then submit your choice!

The polls close at 1PM (MT) on October 28th. The winner is determined by number of votes, but only one vote allowed per person.

If you voted correctly, you should see this photo appear in the ballot box:

I would be forever appreciative for your help in winning this award. Wil and I put a lot of work into the photography on this blog and I think he might be slightly more excited than I am to be nominated for such an honor! …okay we’re both REALLY excited!!

Speaking of which, would you like to know more about the process of how Wil and I take photos? It really is an equal effort from both of us to plan, shoot, edit, and blog. Any interest in a post like that?

Thank you again for your support of Lucky Lucille! You are the best!


*UPDATE – I won! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted!! xoxo*