1940s Victory Beret

November 8, 2013


My dear friend Tasha recently released her first ever knitwear pattern and I could not be more proud of her! It’s no wonder she had nearly 100 downloads in the first week, because it’s a seriously gorgeous pattern. I got to keep the beret as a souvenir for modeling, but I can only hope that one day I’ll be skilled enough in knitting to make one myself.


The beret is called Victory and it features a clever V, with the Morse code for V (both meaning victory during WWII) in the design. You can read all about it on Tasha’s blog. She’ll be doing a step-by-step tutorial for this pattern during her Knit For Victory knit along. So if you’re in love with this pattern, but are scared of color work, then you should definitely follow along for that.


Speaking of Knit For Victory, are you joining in? I just signed up for the Knit Your First Sweater class on Craftsy so I’m hoping I can have a new cardigan by the end of January! If not, I can definitely manage a scarf and turban combo instead. We’ll see! I’ll be posting about my progress and inspiration here, and in the Flickr group, whichever project I choose.


Have a great weekend and stay warm! We had snow on the ground this morning in my neck of New York. Yeah. Snow. Knitting sounds more and more cozy lately, that’s for sure!