What Should I Knit?

December 4, 2013

I had secretly known about Tasha’s Knit For Victory challenge for ages since we’d been discussing the idea before Sew For Victory was even over. So you would think I’d know exactly what to make by this point! …but I don’t.


I haven’t knit anything in a while so to get warmed up I made a 1940s inspired turban. It’s just one long piece at this point, but once I sew it together it will be complete and blog ready. I didn’t follow a pattern but hopefully it will look something like this (the one with the big bow) when it’s ready to wear.


I also bought yarn to make the Miss Laverty Motoring Hood by Susan Crawford and I have every intention of making it because A.) it’s adorable, and B.) I know I would wear it all the time. I saw a very similar hooded scarf in an old Sears catalog that had wide stripes throughout, so now I’m considering trying to make one with maroon, navy, and white stripes. Wouldn’t that be cute? I’ve never made anything with stripes before though…


But! I finally buckled down and learned how to do ribbing because I’m considering a WWII service vest as an easier project that will help me reach my goal of knitting a sweater. I’m so much more timid about knitting than I am sewing and I just can’t bring myself to dive right into a full sweater yet. I need baby steps! I think a sweater vest would be a good practice.


Finally, I made a little swatch type thing (I made this a while back) to test out this awesome V for Victory pattern by the National WWII Museum. Can you see the V? (I’m using my phone for photos today so they’re not the greatest) If I’m really ambitious, I think I could work this little V design into the shoulder of my proposed sweater vest!

I suppose I need to be realistic with the time constraints since I am still a beginner and not the fastest knitter out there. I’d probably get more wear out of the hooded scarf since I’m constantly wearing hats to conceal my wild untamed hair, but I’d be awfully proud of the sweater vest if I can pull it off. It’s so hard to decide! If I was a speedy knitter I would definitely just make both, but I think I’m going to have to pick just one. I have a big WWII reenactment coming up at the end of January so I could definitely use some period-correct warmth near my face…

What’s it going to be: Sweater vest? Or motoring hood?

What are you making for the Knit For Victory challenge? Are you on Ravelry? Let’s be friends!