in which the weather would not cooperate

January 20, 2014


Sorry for the tease, but Mother Nature decided it was time for Western NY to actually look like winter again. My camera may have been no match for the snow, but McCall 5557 was no match for me! My first project of 2014 already confirms why creating my Twelve Pattern Challenge was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with sewing (or anything for that matter) when you start out with a definitive plan for success. Too bad the weather was too treacherous for many photos to prove it.



Mother Nature may have won the battle against my camera today, but I won the battle against slouchy skirts. I’ll be back soon with lots more photos because this project definitely deserves a big spotlight, inside and out. I’m really proud of it. Honestly.

…and I’ll definitely be wearing gloves next time. So. Cold.


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