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in which the weather would not cooperate


Sorry for the tease, but Mother Nature decided it was time for Western NY to actually look like winter again. My camera may have been no match for the snow, but McCall 5557 was no match for me! My first project of 2014 already confirms why creating my Twelve Pattern Challenge was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with sewing (or anything for that matter) when you start out with a definitive plan for success. Too bad the weather was too treacherous for many photos to prove it.



Mother Nature may have won the battle against my camera today, but I won the battle against slouchy skirts. I’ll be back soon with lots more photos because this project definitely deserves a big spotlight, inside and out. I’m really proud of it. Honestly.

…and I’ll definitely be wearing gloves next time. So. Cold.


p.s. Check out my latest posts for Craftsy – all about vintage sewing!


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  • New reader — love the outfit so much! And the landscape, which makes me miss my family in WNY — although they got hit hard in early January as well. I’m at the other end of NY State, and we’re getting hit hard today, but somehow it doesn’t look quite that scenic on the city streets . . .

  • Ooh, this green turned out to be the perfect choice! It’s so lovely!

  • I want the entire outfit! love the sweater and where did you get those boots from? Love everything and Mother Nature behaved perfectly enabling you to produce the perfect pictures in the perfect outfit.

  • misscrayolacreepy

    For not getting to take many photos the ones you got are amazing! The first one looks especially ***********magical***********.

  • I think these photos look really neat, though I am looking forward to reading the one where you show the skirt in more detail. Off to look at that now!

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  • The photos are really pretty, but I look forward to getting a better view of the dress. 🙂

  • And you should be – the skirt looks gorgeous and super flattering on from what I can see in your pics! Yay for sewing with a plan!

  • Shannon D.

    Thank you for posting the wonderful start to your challenge! Especially considering the challenge of the weather! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Oh that is really pretty, Rochelle! A great outfit, can’t wait to see more!

  • Goodness, do you look magnificent! I love the sense of frosty, serene atmosphere that these snow filled images present. The pale backdrop makes your gorgeous red locks, plaid scarf and the green skirt here in particular sing with vibrancy. Simply wonderful shoot!

    ♥ Jessica

  • Kudos to you for braving the harsh weather conditions to share your pretty skirt with us! 🙂 Lovely skirt and really… lovely outfit on the whole.

  • This whole outfit is so cute (love that sweater) and you look like such a perfect 40s snow bunny! Can’t wait to see more on the skirt–I am really loving this whole project!

  • Your skirt looks lovely here, though I am cold just looking at that snow. 🙂

  • Mother Nature is experiencing a prolonged mood swing this winter. The skirt already looks worthy of your 12 pattern project. I’m excited to read/ see more about it. Also, do you mind sharing where you got your booties? They’re adorable!

  • Melissa

    Oh my gosh the inside of that skirt looks AWESOME! I love all your finishing. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your process. Your 12 Pattern Challenge is so inspiring!

  • Stine

    Oh my gosh, I’m looking forward to this! I have just bought the most fantastic red tartan fabric for a skirt that I want to make while learning from the Craftsy class about how to make your own a-line skirt pattern (one that you directed me to Rochelle :)) I want to line mine so it’s a bit warmer for winter so I’ve bought a class that was on sale (that’s the time to strike, right, lol) so I can learn how to do that and get it right. Just looking at these pictures make my fingers itch to get started.

    • Yes I love that Craftsy class! I rarely ever line anything because I like to wear slips instead, but I’d definitely check out their other classes if I ever wanted to learn. Your tartan sounds like a beautiful skirt in the making!

  • Brrrr! It looks as cold there as it is here. Although we do have sun today – yay! I am so looking forward to this skirt reveal. Your outfit looks terrific and warm, too 🙂

  • I love these photos!! They remind me what winter is supposed to look like! And your skirt looks like a PERFECT fit! Love that deep, hunter green color too. So collegiate!

    • Aww thanks! I keep forgetting you’re a PA girl originally! If you ever make it back this way (like maybe for the Reading WWII Air Show wink wink) let me know! Of course there won’t be any snow then but you probably don’t miss it that much anyways lol 😉

  • A really nice skirt and the color is perfect! I totally get what you’re saying about the weather. We’ve got over 1 meter of snow in two days, and spent the weekend digging out our house and cars…. Not skirt-photography-friendly in the least :/
    I love snow, just not all the work that comes with it 😉

    • We’ve had a really mild winter so far and have been spoiled when it comes to car shoveling. I love winter and snow too but shoveling loses its charm fast! Haha!

  • Looks gorgeous and despite the weather cosy too, as Marianne C I LOVE those boots too! Are they vintage?

    • Thanks, Helen! The boots are not vintage, I got them at but be forewarned they are tiny! I got the largest available size (I wear a 7.5 US) and I thought there’s no way I could fit my foot in it lol. Obviously I can, but they’re very narrow, even on my skinny feet! I also dyed mine a darker color brown since the color brown they offer wasn’t what I was looking for. They’re a great fashion boot for photos but not for hard wear. (The fur is fake, which I prefer.) They were 50% off when I ordered them so I still feel like they were worth the money, but they’re strictly for “playing dress up” in my opinion.

      • Karen

        I also thought the boots are totally adorbs. Currently the link is showing up to size 43, about a US women’s 10. I would order a pair but I’m leaving Iowa next week to spend the rest of the winter in Phoenix. I may order a pair for next year anyway.

        • Rochelle

          Oh they definitely updated their sizing, they only went up to a 39 before.That’s great news!

          • Did you get a 39 then then for your size of 7.5? Thanks for this post.

          • Rochelle

            Yep, I got the 39s but I highly recommend tracing your foot on a piece of paper like they suggest. I chose my size based on my foot drawing and their size chart, but usually wear a 7.5/8 shoe 🙂

  • SabineC

    It fits and it is befitting!Wonderful color, and those insides ought to make one proud.
    Congratulations on bringing your 2014 vision to life 🙂

  • The skirt ist awesome *-*

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  • ooooohhhh! The inside looks so pretty! I’m a sucker for expertly finished insides. 🙂

  • Marianne C.

    Love the skirt. Also loved your boots!

  • Looks fabulous! Even in the snow. 🙂

  • I agree with Lisa G. I very much enjoyed your snowy photo shoot! Thanks for braving the elements for us. :o)

  • Jam

    The last two photos are not loading for me either. Love the color of that skirt. Very lovely!

  • these wintery photos are beautiful in their own right, but i look forward to seeing details of the skirt! great to see that you’re already seeing the fruits of your planning!

  • Rhonda

    Your photos don’t seem to be loading. Not sure if it is your problem or mine!! Looking forward to seeing what you sewed 🙂