My Knit For Victory Project

January 31, 2014

Well I had grand plans for Tasha’s Knit For Victory challenge but alas, I did not follow through on those original plans. Turns out I need to step back and re-learn knitting from the bottom up. I know the stitches but I don’t know a lot of fundamental language, or how to read patterns, or many crucial knitty things that I should know. It’s a mess really.

But long story short… I made a small turban style headband to go with my Women’s Land Army uniform!!!


I’ll have plenty more W.L.A uniform photos to share soon (I’m at a WWII reenactment all this weekend) but for right now I need to share my headband since today is the Knit For Victory deadline!


I didn’t use a pattern exactly, but my turban style headband starts with the It’s A Cinch pattern as a base. I just added a little extra piece to the center for the turban knot. For the knot I cast on 10 stitches and knit until it was long enough to wrap around the cinched center, then I sewed it together at the back and tied it to the headband so it couldn’t twist around. I wish I could remember what yarn I used (it’s been in my stash a while) but I know I got it at Jo-Anns… I think it’s Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease. Susan Crawford just announced a brand new yarn color in her Excelana line called Land Army Green! How perfect would that have been?


The headband was a really quick little project that I enjoyed making, but I really want to take a class so I can learn how to read patterns and get better at knitting in general. One of these days I swear I’m going to knit my own sweaters. Well first I would just like to be able to knit a simple beret since I wear one all the time!

Check out all the other beautiful projects in the Knit For Victory Flickr pool and Ravelry Group. My meager headband is quite dwarfed in comparison to the incredible projects that were shared. I am in awe! But hey, I actually finished something so any small victory is still a victory 😉

If you’re pining for some 1940s sewing, Sew For Victory will return in the Spring! I’m so excited!