March 28, 2014

If you’re still undecided about what fabric to use for your Sew For Victory project, here’s a few photos to help inspire you. The clothing styles, as well as fiber contents, did change quite drastically throughout the 40s (especially when you look at pre and post WWII differences) but the fabric colors and prints stayed pretty constant throughout the decade. Some people are pleasantly surprised to see such bright colors and wild prints!


Rayon certainly dominated the fabric industry then, but natural fibers like cottons, linens, and wools were also popular despite rationing. If you enjoy sewing with knits, rayon jersey is definitely an appropriate option! One fabric you won’t find available for consumer use in the 40s is polyester. While the research and production of synthetic fibers was important for the war effort, I’ve yet to see polyester clothing or fabric advertised in any of my 1940s catalogs. The polyester as we know it today wasn’t truly popularized until the 1960s.


If you’re feeling more adventurous and want a customized fabric for your project, consider the natural options at Organic Cotton Plus! RIT dye was all the rage in the 40s, especially with the Make Do And Mend mentality alive and well. “Upcycling” your clothing wasn’t a trendy thing to do then, it was a necessity. Give an old bed sheet new life, or add a custom color to your project like I did with my 1940s inspired Archer shirt. It’s a lot of fun and solid colors make excellent wardrobe staples.




If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect print or textured fabric, checkout Hawthorne Threads. I love this beautiful Rayon print, as well as all the Chambray, Seersucker, and linen blends (this yellow floral one is SO pretty)! Oh, and I can’t forget my favorite quilting cotton designer, Denyse Schmidt, who has a 40s influence in almost every collection she’s ever created (especially Florence! She specifically mentions 1940s comedy heroines as her influence for this collection). Good stuff.


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I love reading everyone’s introductions and seeing the inspiration photos in the Flickr group! Keep it up!

What fabric are you using for your project?