March 12, 2014


Well the Tasha/Rochelle adventure continues! To follow up with her recent outfit post, I wanted to share what I wore for our magnificent outing. Tasha and I had planned to sew something in advance so we could bring it along on our trip and take photos of each other during our visit. I finished these gigantic pants of mine just in the nick of time.


The pattern is a modified version of Simplicity 3688 so I am counting it as my completed Twelve Pattern Challenge project for February. I drafted my own scoop pockets for the front and widened the legs quiiiiite a bit. I’m calling them my Parisian Gypsy Vagabond pants and I’m utterly obsessed with them. I think Jean Harlow and Django Reinhardt would both approve.


I would love to sew these pants again and again but I think I will make a few more adjustments before I call them my all time favorite pants. I’d like to try and move the zipper to the back and move the pleats in the front out slightly. We shall see what I can conjure up next time…


Tasha and I spent more time fighting our windswept hair and laughing too hard than we did taking serious outfit photos, but I suppose that was to be expected. She knit the green sweater I’m wearing way back in 2010 (I stalked her blog to find out instead of asking like a normal person) and since she didn’t wear it as often as she had hoped to, she gave it to me! Well I can’t say how chuffed I am to now own a hand-knit sweater by Tasha. It’s probably my new favorite thing!


BFF Selfie: practically mandatory.


Outfit Details
Pants – Modified Simplicity 3688
Cardigan – Hand knit by Tasha
Bowling Pin Brooch – Luxulite
Glasses – c/o Victory Optical
Shirt – stolen from my mother
Shoes – …am I wearing any?!


Next up in our adventures was a trip to National Parks Seminary with Tasha’s mom and step-dad. Oh boy. This place was beeaauuuutiful!!





I’m so thankful for Tasha’s mom (who’s super amazing and fun and very talented in the sewing/knitting/cooking department btw) and her willingness to capture photos of Tasha and I actually together in the same frame. We both took a lot of photos of each other, but would have been severely lacking in photos of US if it weren’t for Ms Vicki.


Tasha is going to post many more photos of us at National Parks Seminary on her blog soon, so keep an eye out for them!

I really had THE BEST time with Tasha and her family and it was wonderful to feel so welcomed and at home. I hope to meet up with all of them again very soon <3

I’ve said this already, but if you don’t have any best friends who sew/knit/craft, you need to just put yourself out there and make some! You can only mutually stalk a blog for so long before you’re bound to become best friends. Right, Tasha? 😉


(All photos of me alone: taken by Tasha. All photos of Tasha and I together: taken by Mom. All other photos taken by me, just FYI)