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DuBarry Sewing – Best Colors for Your Type


Today I have some images from a great sewing booklet by DuBarry Patterns, published in 1945. It includes tons of tips and techniques for sewing success as well as a really great color photo chart suggesting which colors suit you best! I’ve included both the full spread, and a much larger scan so you can actually read the text. I thought it would be a fun reference for Sew For Victory! I have not digitally enhanced the colors in order to keep them as true to the original printing as possible.




I’m actually a little disappointed by the suggested colors for auburn hair and brown eyes haha! They seem a bit dull in comparison to some of the other palettes. Though I am lucky to have the “most perfect type of face” lol.

What does your hair and eye color suggest for you?
If you’re participating in Sew For Victory, did you pick one of the colors from your palette? I did!


p.s. I’d really love to scan this entire booklet and make it available as a free download for you, but it’s around 60 pages I think so it will take me a while!


  • myrosesindecember

    One thing I have learned from all the companies is that skin tone is vitally important. we can’t look our best when fighting our natural skin tone. Believe me, I have tried because I desperately wanted to be an “autumn” but while my eyes definitely fit autumn, the rest of me does not. I had medium ash brown hair that was auburn until I was 12 (darn puberty), but my skin is definitely pink-based and pale so the warm colors just do not work. I can get away with coral because it is a universal color and I love it with navy or off white, but that’s it for me for the warmer colors. Some of our best colors to wear can be the natural color of our hair and the color of our eyes. Fine with me as I love blue-green. Nancy

  • myrosesindecember

    I would love a copy if you get it downloaded. Thanks, Ever since I discovered Color Me Beautiful, I have been a devotee of color analysis and am content with my soft summer coloring. Nancy

  • These are so wonderfully charming – a bit of a precursor to the wildly popular Color Me Beautiful books and consultants in the 80s (I read and reread my mom’s copy of that book when I was a little girl until it quite literally started to fall apart). My colouring – green eyes and auburn-red hair – isn’t covered her unfortunately (I notice green eyes are mentioned at all), but that’s okay, I still enjoyed seeing these great illustrations every bit as much as had they been.

    โ™ฅ Jessica

  • yes I’ve choose one… the navy color !!!

  • Well that’s interesting because a year or so I had a modern colour analysis and the colours suggested for brown hair, brown eyes are exactly the same!!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    No green eyes ๐Ÿ™ Womp womp. Maybe I should start wearing blue contacts again?

  • some months ago, I had a modern colour analysis done. It is very interesting to see the proces and it helped me a lot to declutter my fabric stash. Nothing more disapointing than sewing for hours and having a blouse that doensn’t make you look good.
    Lovely to see it is going way back!

  • Deb Kessler

    Thanks so much for posting that. I have always been fascinated by the suggested correct colors and hairstyles. So much fun to try and pin point “who you are”. I cut out my pattern and will make up my muslin next. Very excited to be part of the project and the knowledge that we are all working on projects at the same time is certainly an inspiration to get it done!

    Thanks so much for all you do,


  • My eye colour isn’t on there as well… Although I don’t expect anyone to take ‘one hazel, one green’ into account! I’ve recently been told I look my best in warm autumn tones but I purposefully ignore that advice since blues, reds and dark greens are my favourite.

  • I love your blog. Im hooked on the book, so please down load. But your so right, the grey hair part are also very small. By the way: What is the most popular face type ? yours is very pretty but what is it named ?

    Love Lis

    • Rochelle

      Thank you. I have an oval face shape which is described at the bottom of the right page. I don’t know about it being the “perfect” shape but I have had every hairstyle there is, including very long hair and no hair at all!

  • They forgot green eyes! ๐Ÿ™‚ I naturally have a dark brown hair, but I dye it red and I have green eyes so I don’t really fall in to any of the categories. But considering the colours that look best on me I would say the “brown hair, brown eyes” palette is the closest to me.

    Thanks for sharing this! I love seeing what kind of colours were actually in fashion back in the 40’s and 50’s.

  • I’m not even on there! Ah well, I’ll just wear what makes me happy : )

  • Pat

    Wow. I ended up pulling one of the colors from my pallet for my dress. Some of the other colors don’t look too good on me.

  • This chart is such a great reference guide, and the colors listed for me are the ones that generally work really well. Unfortunately I didn’t pick any of them for my Sew For Victory project. Oh well, at least now I know what to wear for a good 40s look. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks like the precursor to the whole “Color Me Beautiful” thing from the 80s. I like the “white hair, blue eyes” palette, but there’s not way I’m letting my hair go white!

  • Kim Campbell

    I love this and would love a scanned copy. I would be more than willing to pay for it as well.

  • Miss Beta

    This is wonderful! I have a similar booklet from the same time, but by Simplicity. And I love the color palettes suggested. Although I love even more the layout of the pages of your book, dear Rochelle! ๐Ÿ™‚ So much fun.

    Could please someone help me by giving me the right color names in English, for the Brown hair-Brown eyes palette? Iยดm still learning naming colors in English :o)

    I think I did pick one of the colors for my type – brown! It’s a bit boring but I love wearing brown, specially in Autumn and Winter.

    Miss Beta

    • In your palette (from the top) I would call those olive green, gold, brown, aqua, red, and navy blue. Everyone will interpret color a little differently though ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Miss Beta

        Sounds good to me! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • But what do I do with pink hair now? XD

    • Rochelle

      In the 20s it was popular to wear colored wigs to match your outfit! Pink included ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I have dirty blonde hair, so I guess the closest is the brown hair with hazel eyes pallet? lol It’s kind of boring. The white hair pallet looks awesome.

  • i love these! finding out how to not only compliment but best suit my face shape and coloring is always so fascinating to me.
    thank you for this, Rochelle!