Lichen Beret

May 26, 2014


After I knit two successful hats with the help of online video courses (here and here), I decided to set out on my own and work through my first knitting project using only the pattern. Well, I had to utilize YouTube once to learn how to do a “M1” but after that it was smooth sailing! I’ve well and fully caught “the knitting bug” and I don’t ever want to get better.


With each new thing I knit I realize that knitting is only 10% hobby and 90% magical string sorcery passed down through generations of wool wizards. It’s truly incredible to me that you can take two sticks and a piece of string and tangle them up in such a way that it makes a thing that you can wear. It’s fascinating! They should call them knitting wands, not needles.


Right now I’m really enjoying the magical string art that is Beret Knitting. As in, I only want to knit berets! Hats are perfect for me because I don’t have the largest attention span and I’m constantly wanting to start new projects (I’m like this with sewing too). I know with time I’ll learn to appreciate the temporal investment of knitting larger projects, but right now I’m in that super excited “MUST KNIT ALL THE THINGS!!!” phase. I can’t help it.


So this particular pattern is the Lichen Beret by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. I picked it because I really enjoyed learning lace techniques with my last project and wanted to build on that skill. The half lace, half regular stitch pattern makes this beret a very fast make and perfect for those needing to knit all the things like me. I made a noticeable mistake in the lace pattern in one spot but decided to leave it be as a reminder that I’m still learning. Speaking of reminders, I need to remember to pick much lighter yarn colors because I have small furry children who constantly need to be on me, hence the dog hairs that now live on my Lichen. Adds character, right?


I used a Knit Picks yarn that was given to me by a relative with an overflowing stash, and I think the yarn is pretty old since I can’t find the color on the site. It’s 100% Peruvian wool of the Andes in a worsted weight, and the color (though probably discontinued) is called Stream. I used one whole skein and a bit of a second to finish the decreases and make the pom pom. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a contrasting colored pom pom, or no pom pom at all so I just attached it with a safety pin and wear it as the mood suits.


I love berets because they have a recognizable vintage vibe (definitely gives my outfit more of a 30s look which I love) and are really fun to wet block. This was my first full-on wet blocked project (my other two were just quickly steamed into shape) and I think I picked the perfect plate for the task. So sunny and fun!


Well, I think that’s all I have to say about Lichen. Now for some silly photos…



I’m really shy in real life but a serious ham to those who know me well. Wil and I spend 70% percent of our photoshoot adventures just laughing at me being awkward and ridiculous. Most of the time it’s on purpose 😉


I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day! Today we honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving their country, and as a WWII reenactor, I respect this day very much.

We also tend to think of today as the first unofficial kick-off of summer so that’s pretty great too 😉

Are you knitting any magical things lately?


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