sew for victory final projects and giveaway winners

May 19, 2014


Aww this part always makes me a little sad! Today marks the official close of the 2014 Sew For Victory sewing challenge. Thank you, to each and every one of you, who participated and made something special for the challenge. It’s such a beautiful thing to see so many different types of woman, of all skill levels, with both inspired and traditional 1940s style, coming together under a common love for vintage sewing. It makes my life better I’ll tell you that! I hope everyone enjoys the slideshow (it’s a long one so grab some popcorn!) and I hope to see you all next time!

(p.s. for my own sanity, most of the slides are in order as they appear on Flickr. Also, I decided to go the super low budget route for the giveaway announcement this year. Even though it was so fun to do a second video for that last year, William and I both have several deadlines this week and couldn’t make it happen. Maybe for the next one…)

If you’re having trouble with the video, you can also find it here on vimeo.

I have to give a special little shout-out to Sara and Loran who completely surprised me by using my Spoonflower prints! How awesome is that!?

And now for the giveaway winners! I said low budget lol. You’ve been warned 😉


Well that was definitely the less fanciful way to announce the winners, but you ladies won fair and square! Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you this week to collect mailing information and the such. (For the Chinese Auction style drawing, I drew 4 random names out of their accompanying prize bowls if you couldn’t tell that’s what’s going on in the above photos haha! …and yeah. Two of them are dog bowls. What can I say besides “low budget” as promised.)

Again, thank you everyone for making this Sew For Victory another wonderful sewing challenge! I hope you’re all proud of what you made because you definitely should be!

If you sat this sew-along out, Tasha and I are about 90% positive that we’re bringing back Fall For Cotton for a round two this year so stay tuned for more vintage sewing with a twist!

Did I mention you all are incredible? Because you are. …I’m going to watch the video again 😉


AND!!!!! Oh my gosh I almost forgot… A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING SEW FOR VICTORY SPONSORS THIS YEAR!! Judy at Vintage4me2, Lauren at Wearing History Patterns, and Lindsay and Charlie at Hawthorne Threads! Thank you for contributing to our giveaway prizes, and offering pattern discounts for our participants!