The Von Roenn Windmill Shirt

June 24, 2014

“My name is Elsa, this is my windmill” …shirt.


Okay so obviously my name isn’t Elsa but I can’t help but be inspired by that episode of Pushing Daisies! You know, the one about the VonRoenn Windmill – Historic Landmark of the National Area of Retired Mills? Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite shows and I’m sad that it was short lived. Chuck really had the best clothes and I think she would have worn a windmill shirt for sure!


(Oh, side note, I should probably address the Holy hair, Batman! Not too long ago I wore wigs for medical reasons and think I might start wearing them again. Long story short, for those who don’t know, I have a rare skin disorder that I maintain really well except for my extremities which always give me trouble. I feel more physically comfortable when I don’t have real hair to deal with, so I’m considering shaving my head and going the fake hair route again. For the past year I’ve worn my real hair but it was all wigs before that since the induction of my blog, so it’s actually more common to see me in a wig here than anything else! Wigs are a lot of fun and I really enjoy being able to have fabulous hair in 45 seconds.)

Anyways, back to the shirt!


Like my last shirt, this is the Archer Button-up pattern by Grainline Studio. I found the adorable Dutch windmill fabric on super sale at Jo-Ann’s and had to have it! When I started putting this shirt together I was afraid it would end up looking like something my mom wore to work as an elementary school teacher circa 1994 haha! (just kidding, mom!) …but turns out I don’t really care what it looks like because folk-y windmill prints are AWESOME.


I made a couple of mistakes on this shirt, including cutting out the collar pieces upside down so the windmills are going in the wrong direction, and I had some serious issues with my automatic buttonhole foot. All of the buttonholes look darn near flawless except for the very last one I tried to sew. Seven attempts later and my one sleeve cuff still does not have a buttonhole, nor will it ever, because I’m currently not on speaking terms with said auto buttonhole foot. Hmph!

Seriously though, that’s why I’m wearing the sleeves rolled up – One cuff has no button!


Aside from the upside down collar print and the non-functioning sleeve cuffs, I really like this shirt. It’s so festive and slightly ridiculous and those are just the kinds of prints I love! However, this shirt definitely needs to be paired with the right kind of outfit or else it looks kinda… well, “Elementary School Teacher circa 1994” as I said. The print and the boyfriend fit paired together didn’t look quite as cute when I tried this shirt on with jeans, so I went for a more girly look instead. There’s no confusing me with a school teacher now! (Unless of course you’re taking about Emma, in which case you’re welcome to confuse me because she is seriously the cutest.)


Outfit Details:
Shirt – Archer pattern (made by me)
Glasses – El Ria frames c/o Victory Optical
Hair – Picture Perfect by Forever Young
Purse – G.H. Bass Outlet
Shoes – G. H. Bass Outlet
Skirt – thrift store

photos by William Waldon





I think for my next button-up shirt I’ll switch it up and try another Smooth Sailing Blouse, or similar pattern that’s slightly more fitted than the Archer. I think I’ll also try pearl snaps instead of buttons. Did I mention my auto buttonhole foot and I are currently not on speaking terms? I don’t mean to hold a grudge but seriously. …I draw the line at ripping a buttonhole out seven times. SEVEN! (and yes, I tried everything to get it to behave itself. I encounter this problem randomly with my machine)

Do you have any snap suggestions for me? I hear the SnapSetter is awesome but I haven’t picked one up yet.

Well that’s it for my VonRoenn Windmill tribute shirt to commemorate the National Area of Retired Mills! I’ll just pretend Wil was from the Papen County Historical Society taking photographs for the 87th Annual Mills of the Wind Papen County Collectors Calendar.

Yeah I seriously love Pushing Daisies 😉