wardrobe epiphanies equal sewing epiphanies

June 5, 2014

It’s been six months since I wrote about having a serious sewing epiphany, and I had such a strong focus for what I “needed” to be sewing at the beginning of this year, but something happened since that time. I got really distracted. I invented a twelve pattern challenge to prevent that from happening but there was a huge flaw (well, several actually) with that idea that has prevented me from even pretending like I want to follow through with it. Basically what happened is I added a bunch of patterns to that list that I have zero desire to sew now. So far this year I haven’t worn a single dress, and the only skirt I wore was to a WWII reenactment. My ideal wardrobe is still very much the same as I described before: I always reach for a menswear inspired button-up shirt and a pair of jeans with a bandana or hat to throw on my head. I know this is what I like to wear, but for some reason I haven’t been sewing much of that.


(I need to be sewing much more of this ^^)

I’m not going to lie, I love getting dressed up and taking fun photos that are slightly costume-y and theatrical. It’s why I blog. It’s my creative outlet! I guess I thought I’d get bored of sewing a million button-up shirts and plain “normal” pants, and you’d get bored of seeing it. Well you wanna know what’s really boring? Sewing stuff you never wear! Don’t get me wrong, I wear my wide leg pants all the time, but recently my acid reflux is coming back full force (curse you, iced coffee and farm stand pickles!!!) and I just can’t wear the high-waisted pants lately. It physically hurts me, and I’m not the kind of girl who can sacrifice my comfort to try and look like a disheveled version of Miss Fisher or Katharine Hepburn (What? No, I have no delusions of grandeur. Nuh uh, not me never…).

So basically what I’m rambling on about is this: It’s really tough to be madly in love with vintage eras and want to wear that love on your sleeve, literally. It’s really tough when you’re utterly obsessed with vintage sewing but still want to try and support your friends who are incredibly talented independent pattern makers. It’s tough because it’s challenging to find a balance between proving your love for vintage sewing while still “fitting in” and contributing to a modern sewing community. I struggle with it. I know others do too.

I know my conclusion to this matter will continue to evolve so long as I keep sewing. I’ve sewn a bunch of stuff this year that I really love but haven’t worn as much as I had hoped, and that’s okay! I’m working on it. All I know right now is I love button-up shirts, and it’s really difficult to go bowling in giant pants (which is a problem because I bowl on a league like a nerd).

Now, please excuse me while I go and sew a bunch of Grainline Studio Archer Button-ups and some less theatrical pants.


p.s. if this issue of mine sounds familiar to you, please let me know your thoughts on it. Let’s work through it 🙂