flamingos and gingham

July 28, 2014

Well I committed the ultimate sewing sin and made this shirt almost a full year ago and have yet to blog about it. I know! I’m sorry! My poor excuse is: it was nearing the end of September and the weather was starting to get too cold for short sleeves and Wil and I just never found a good warm day to go out and take photos. As a punishment for my sins against blogging and sewing, the Sewing Gods* decided to give us a really hard time with white balance, focus, brightness, “my face is too green” and just about every other camera malady you can invent.

(*Side note – when I talk about the Sewing Gods, I always picture Tim Gunn as a Titan and in duplicate forms. …not really less intimidating.)


So, since Wil tried his very best to help me finally get pictorial documentation of this shirt (on two separate days!), and I can’t punish him for my less than camera optimal clash of contrasts (both in colors and prints), I’m just going to stop whining and share my flamingo shirt with you! Now I can finally strike it off my list of things “to blog”.


Oh, but if I was ambiguous about my feelings for this shirt with my opening statements, allow me to set the record straight. Flamingos and gingham are a winning combo in my book and I’M IN LOVE! Love, love!


I followed the Simplicity 1538 pattern almost to a T, but decided to use the 1940s sleeves off the New England Day Dress pattern instead. I had started to blog about this shirt forever ago, and in that post there are better close ups of the mini sleeve darts. Too cute!


The flamingo fabric is by Michael Miller and I received it in a BFF care package from Erin. I think the gingham is from Jo-Ann Fabrics but I can’t remember. …it feels like it’s from Jo-Ann’s haha!


The pants I’m wearing are an old project, too. They’re the nearly famous Gertie Capri pants that I wasn’t sure if I loved on me or not (which is why I think I only wore them once), but after putting them on a second time I think I need to sew another pair! I remember them being really easy to make and they’re definitely comfortable in a stretch cotton sateen.


I think the outfit looks great paired with my new snazzy faux leather jacket that I scored on ThredUp. That site is awesome if you have some time to browse the inventory. It’s like an online thrift store for brand name clothing. Good stuff for cheap!


I’ve wanted a jacket like this since my punk rock days in high school (back when I had a mohawk and a small Brody Dalle shrine inside my locker) and now I finally have one. Annnnnnd yes I do feel as cool as I hoped I would lolololz 😉


Penny Loafers with a leather jacket? Yep. I did that. It’s now my new favorite look.


So there it is! A flamingo and gingham shirt a year later. Better late than never I suppose. Hopefully this post has appeased Titan Tim Gunn the Sewing Gods and my sewing Karma has been restored. Onwards!

Do you have any long undocumented sewing projects? Fess up so I don’t feel so guilty 😉