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flamingos and gingham

Well I committed the ultimate sewing sin and made this shirt almost a full year ago and have yet to blog about it. I know! I’m sorry! My poor excuse is: it was nearing the end of September and the weather was starting to get too cold for short sleeves and Wil and I just never found a good warm day to go out and take photos. As a punishment for my sins against blogging and sewing, the Sewing Gods* decided to give us a really hard time with white balance, focus, brightness, “my face is too green” and just about every other camera malady you can invent.

(*Side note – when I talk about the Sewing Gods, I always picture Tim Gunn as a Titan and in duplicate forms. …not really less intimidating.)


So, since Wil tried his very best to help me finally get pictorial documentation of this shirt (on two separate days!), and I can’t punish him for my less than camera optimal clash of contrasts (both in colors and prints), I’m just going to stop whining and share my flamingo shirt with you! Now I can finally strike it off my list of things “to blog”.


Oh, but if I was ambiguous about my feelings for this shirt with my opening statements, allow me to set the record straight. Flamingos and gingham are a winning combo in my book and I’M IN LOVE! Love, love!


I followed the Simplicity 1538 pattern almost to a T, but decided to use the 1940s sleeves off the New England Day Dress pattern instead. I had started to blog about this shirt forever ago, and in that post there are better close ups of the mini sleeve darts. Too cute!


The flamingo fabric is by Michael Miller and I received it in a BFF care package from Erin. I think the gingham is from Jo-Ann Fabrics but I can’t remember. …it feels like it’s from Jo-Ann’s haha!


The pants I’m wearing are an old project, too. They’re the nearly famous Gertie Capri pants that I wasn’t sure if I loved on me or not (which is why I think I only wore them once), but after putting them on a second time I think I need to sew another pair! I remember them being really easy to make and they’re definitely comfortable in a stretch cotton sateen.


I think the outfit looks great paired with my new snazzy faux leather jacket that I scored on ThredUp. That site is awesome if you have some time to browse the inventory. It’s like an online thrift store for brand name clothing. Good stuff for cheap!


I’ve wanted a jacket like this since my punk rock days in high school (back when I had a mohawk and a small Brody Dalle shrine inside my locker) and now I finally have one. Annnnnnd yes I do feel as cool as I hoped I would lolololz πŸ˜‰


Penny Loafers with a leather jacket? Yep. I did that. It’s now my new favorite look.


So there it is! A flamingo and gingham shirt a year later. Better late than never I suppose. Hopefully this post has appeased Titan Tim Gunn the Sewing Gods and my sewing Karma has been restored. Onwards!

Do you have any long undocumented sewing projects? Fess up so I don’t feel so guilty πŸ˜‰


  • Your fabric choices on your recently posted shirts are EXQUISITE! Love them. Well done.

  • Flamingos make me so happy. I have a Cambie dress made in a flamingo print that I love, love, love. I tried to talk myself out of buying the fabric because I was afraid it would be too weird, but I couldn’t help myself and I’m so glad! Yours are adorable, especially with the gingham. Your button-up shirts are inspiring! I made an Archer last spring and I loved it. I want to make it again, but I haven’t had a chance to buy fabric lately (I live in small-town Montana and haven’t yet got on the internet-fabric-shopping bandwagon). However, looking at some of your versions, I’m wondering if I could do a short-sleeve version in a couple of contrasting fabrics with some of the bits and pieces I have left in my stash…

  • Nobody wears a do-rag like you. Makes me want to get some.

    • Oh, and Rochelle, I’ve been meaning to say to you, the prints and colours that you put together . . . so on point. Not one with imagination I have no shame in owning up to copying folk (at least I give credit). I just never would think of such combinations. And, thank you, thank you my sewing mamma for giving me permission, if-you-will, to wear my quilting cottons. I am simply loving it.



  • Too cute! I love novelty prints.

    Undocumented sewing projects? I have tons. I’m not really a sewing blogger but I often blog my sewing projects. Sometimes though, I finish something and think, “I really want to show this off to the world” (or at least the 3 people who read my blog) and then I just don’t.

    • Giggles at Lynn (” at least the 3 people who read my blog”). Now you know I wanna read it, right?



  • Missy PJ

    I have been hoping you would come back to this one – its just as fabulous as your sneak peek implied it was going to be!
    And I have been wanting to thank you for your review of these Gertie pants: I had been eyeing them off for ages and finally went out and bought the pattern following your review… They have not failed to please! Even with a vastly different figure to yours (5’2″ and 37″ waist, no hips) they took only a couple of minor modifications to fit perfectly, and so easy!!! I have even added 6″ to the length to make the perfect cigarette style pants.
    Thank you again and brownie points for a consistently fun and interesting blog!

  • You are not alone! I still have unblogged projects from 2010!

    Also, I love your shirt! And I’m really looking forward to see your finished western shirt, because I want to sew one too πŸ™‚

  • mad14kt

    I am so LOVING your UNIQUE shirts πŸ™‚

  • cuuuuute!

  • Great shirt!
    And about blogging… I tend to blog about it when I finish something but I rarely, if ever follow up on it when I discover issues later. Or fall in love with something I initially doubted.
    At the moment however, two new things are waiting for their pictures. I had dental surgery last week and I don’t want to do a photoshoot until my jaw has returned to normal.

  • Rebecca

    Super great shirt makes! Love ’em! I’m watching ‘Manhattan’ and I am totally thinking of you and your fantastic wardrobe πŸ˜‰

  • Its so so so cute, Rochelle!!
    Oh man, I have SO many undocumented sewing projects. I’m trying to get better at it, next shirt I’ll be making, I’ll document from start to finish!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    Your style makes me very happy πŸ™‚ And I vote for more of those pants! They fit so great! If I had a pants pattern that fit me that well I would make 579347562934562 versions!

  • I saw the little preview picture in my reader, squealed, then clicked over as fast as I could to see this awesomeness!!! I am sooooo in love with the ribbon running down the button placket! And the leather jacket with penny loafers…knock down cool!

    As for unblogged projects. Yep, I have a ton, and they’re the garments I probably wear the most! I just hardly ever blog my casual outfits. In fact, I just looked down and I’m wearing a refashioned item right now that has never been blogged. :o)


  • stgilbert

    You are so cute! I’m so happy to get a full reveal of this shirt – it’s FLAMINGHAM! The leather jacket and penny loafers totally work and remind me of the ‘When You’re a Jet’ from West Side Story! Love it!

  • PinhouseP

    Wow this is way cool! I love you in 40s attire, but this is just great πŸ™‚

  • I remember that shirt “from last year”, thought you’d never wear it… It’s great and deserved a post on your blog πŸ˜‰

  • Wow, I’m loving the flamingoes!!

  • Oh god, I officially need you to plan my wardrobe, I love your fabric combos!! Another fantabulous choice that looks amazeballs on you, you rock!

  • Lynne Johnson

    The shirt is fabtastic! I love the gingham and print combo. It has inspired me to sew something in black and white to go with a flamingo print shirt I bought this summer. You have such a good sense of print and colors to put together. Also, the photo of partial face and collars is so striking.

  • You are too cute!

  • Yes, I do have a sewing project I haven’t documented! I just realized it this week. I had totally forgotten to blog about it, so I’m hoping I’ll get around to photographing it soon!

  • Love it! You do whimsical prints so well! I have a ton of unblogged things. I even have one top that we took photos of at least four months ago, and now the selected photos are just sitting in a dropbox folder, waiting to be used. Now there’s a blogging sin…

  • I love love this top and those pants! I am totally considering buying the pants pattern and copying your pants. I love the hot pink sateen!

  • And now i cant sleep tonight because im affraid of the sewing gods…
    But gosh that is a cute shirt!

  • Heather Lou

    Schmadorable. You look like a 1950’s badass. If badasses wore flamingo shirts.

  • sillyandrea

    Oh lordy yes – i have a pile of stuff I’ve finished and not blogged. I’m lucky if i makes my Instagram!

    Shirt is GREAT!

  • So so so cute I’m going to punch you, except not really since that’s mean. πŸ˜€ I’m so happy to see this blouse being worn, I remember you were a bit meh and now I totally can’t see why at all because it’s awesome and exactly your style lately. Love everything about the outfit!

  • onecraftyminx

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how cute that is!! Does it come in my size? πŸ˜‰

  • gilliancrafts

    Ahahahaha – Do I have any unblogged makes? Uh, yes. About 1/4 of my closet, I’d guess? I blog a lot of repeats, but I make even more. I don’t feel like I *have* to blog things – I just do it if I a)want to, b)learned something c)used a popular pattern i think people would want to see made up d)feel cute in it!
    You look really happy and cute as always – love the leather jacket!

  • this is adorable! love the flamingo and gingham combo… don’t know why but it just looks perfect! and yeah, and you’re definitely not alone in the unblogged projects department! if it’s gone more than a month or two i loose interest in writing about it. in fact i have a serious backlog right now that i need to remedy!

  • Very cute! I remember seeing up close pics while in progress, and I was wondering recently what became of that shirt! So glad it turned out for you–the whole outfit suits you very well. It has been so much fun to watch you find your style and sewing groove.

    • (Also: I’m very bad about blogging sewing “fixes” to outfits after I’ve done the initial outfit post. I tend to fiddle with things after I’ve worn them a time or two, and I always feel bad that I don’t go back and blog the fiddles and fixes to the original because I think that is useful knowledge to put out there)

  • chantel

    Super cute!!!! Love it! πŸ™‚