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three cheers for the red, white, and lu


Happy Independence Day, America – and a happy weekend to All! Wil and I are keeping it low-key and hoping to see some fireworks in the park later with the family. We’ve been barbequing, listening to the new Old Crow Medicine Show album, and hanging out with Lucille in the yard.


I made a new shirt specially for the holiday festivities! This is a slightly modified version of Simplicity 1538. I changed the shape of the yoke in the back, left off the sleeves, and changed the collar so it’s without a stand. Both fabrics are from Jo-Ann Fabrics and have been in my stash since last autumn.


The navy blue in the plaid isn’t a perfect match for the lighter blue in the floral, but I think both prints work really well together regardless. I also love the subtle texture of a dotted swiss cotton.


For the collar modification, I followed my usual steps to create a 1940s style collar, but used a strip of bias tape to bind the back instead of a facing all the way around. It took me a little bit to figure out how to connect everything on the inside but it worked. Actually, I messed up pretty badly the first time and had to re-cut the front pieces but let’s not talk about that lol!


Outfit Details:
Shirt – Simplicity 1538 (modified)
Glasses – Ray Ban (from many years ago)
Earrings – Target
Shoes – Old Navy
Jeans – American Eagle (also from many years ago)

photos by William Waldon


I got to test out my new SnapSetter and so far I LOVE it (I’ll share more about it later)! I used the five “practice” snaps that came packaged with the tool because I really loved the red rings, and I didn’t want to ruin my pearl snaps in case I messed up. I’ll try the pearl ones next with my Rodeo Gal shirt that I’m hoping to start this weekend.


I tried something different and used bias tape to turn up the hem on this shirt and it was SO much easier than pressing it up the traditional way. It took me half the time and looks nicer. The wind is blowing the hem up funny in this pic, but trust me, it’s much more even than what I could normally do just pressing it up, especially with a sheer fabric! I will definitely continue to use this method on future shirts.


Oh yeah, I went there! I couldn’t help myself haha! Mini ‘merican flags are a must on the fourth. Plus, I’m a damn Yankee and proud of it! Fun fact: My ancestors fought on the American side of the Revolutionary War, and I can trace that lineage back on both my mother’s and father’s family tree. So I’m pretty much as American as a girl can get! I’ve been meaning to apply to become an official Daughter of The American Revolution. I think that would be so cool.


One more of Lucille and I because she’s way too cute. You don’t mind, right? 😉


Well that’s it for now! Stay safe this weekend and keep an eye on your pets. Lucille is a chubby chicken dog (one of our cats too) so we make sure she’s safe and comfortable inside, and far away from fire works!

Have you been doing any patriotic sewing for this weekend’s festivities? Link up, I wanna see!