Three Things

Three Things v.1

July 14, 2014

Well I’m a dummy and I stressed both of my wrists pretty badly this past week. Mostly from a combination of knitting with a cat on my arms, bowling, and typing a lot. …but mostly from the cat who has proximity issues. She sleeps on my head at night and I can’t tell her no because she’s like 89 in cat years.

I’m trying to keep the typing to a minimum this week (though typing with a brace is helping a bit) so today I’m sharing a series of “three things”, starting with three photos I’ve taken recently.


The first photo is of the knitting project that I got carried away with and knit too much at once with a ten pound cat sleeping across my arms after bowling the night before. Note to self: that’s a recipe for not being able to sleep because your wrists are sore. Duh, me. The second photo is of my 18 year old cat who likes to sleep across my arms, face, neck, back, head, legs, etc etc. But you look at that little cat face and tell me you wouldn’t let her sleep wherever she wanted, too lol!

This next photo is of some tiger lilies growing near my house. They were the inspiration for my new hair color.


Three sewing projects in my immediate queue: The 1940s Rodeo Gal Shirt, The Bronte Top, and Simplicity 3850 (because I’ve been wearing the same jeans for several weeks now and I need to start making more pants!).

Three songs I have stuck in my head: 8 dogs 8 banjos by Old Crow Medicine Show, Gasoline by Shovels and Rope, and 40 cups of coffee by Ella Mae Morse.

Three fabric collections I’m loving: The new Birch Farm collection by Joel Dewberry, What a Gem by Allison Cole, and absolutely everything by Cotton and Steel (can’t wait for my pre-order!!).

Three TV shows I started watching: Witches of East End, Being Human (U.S.), and Hemlock Grove. …I’m on a Supernatural Netflix kick right now, what can I say.

What are some of your “three things” this week?