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Friends Don’t Let Friends Sew Sausage Pants

August 27, 2014

Well this is one of those sewing projects that includes a lot of wins, but one laughable epic fail. This is my first time attempting a pair of pants with a fly-front zipper and that all went pretty smoothly much to my surprise. Kwik Sew 3540 is quickly going to become a favorite go-to pants pattern with a few slight adjustments. …most of which revolve around the fact that this version is not a pair of pants, but is in fact a strangulating skin-tight casing that transformed my legs into stuffed sausages.


I mean seriously. It’s BAD. I’ve been scrawny my whole life (Stick Stickly is actually my real father) so I really can’t understand how this is even possible, considering the sizing should be right based on my waist/hip measurements. I spent a good part of the afternoon laughing at myself as I tried to sit down or walk up stairs. I think my feet turned purple at one point from lack of circulation.


It’s hard for me to even evaluate what other fitting adjustments I might need to make because I can barely pull the pants up high enough to wear properly. Luckily they don’t look too bad everywhere else. …maybe.


The good news is I had a really successful, first time ever, fly-front zipper insertion! It could use some improvement on the inside where I had to cut off part of the zipper and wasn’t sure where/how to serge things, but I’m still really proud of my first try. Even though I’ve had a knowledge of sewing for most of my life, I’ve only seriously tried garment sewing since January of 2011 when the Colette Handbook Sew-along was announced. It’s taken me this long to work up the nerve to attempt a fly front! …I’m a late bloomer. It’s been said.


Since the pattern is drafted specifically for stretch wovens, I used a cheap stretch poly-blend from Jo-Ann’s as a muslin. I sewed a straight size XS and didn’t want to attempt any adjustments until I could see how they fit initially.  All in all I’m really happy with this pattern so far, but I’m eager to make them less sausage inducing in the legs. I have practically zero experience sewing fitted trousers so I’ll welcome any tips or suggestions you might have for me on where I should make adjustments.


The waist feels comfortably loose but the hips are on the brink of unflattering-ly snug territory, and I’m about to Hulk out of the legs at any moment. I’ve got weird pulling across the front which distorts the pockets, and CLEARLY the legs need to be a full size bigger if not made wider on top of that. I prefer the look of a straight leg on myself, but not this “ultra skinny” “jeggings” mania that’s so popular right now.


I’m seriously considering the pants fitting class on Craftsy because I really want to start sewing all of my own pants, and I think it would be worth the money to be able to spot weird fitting issues and actually know what’s causing it. Plus, you know, it would be nice to sew pants that I can sit down in, and don’t squish my knee caps up into my thighs when I walk.