In Honestly

doctor’s orders

I finally saw my doctor yesterday about my hand/wrist/arm pain and the appointment basically went like this:

My Doctor – “I’m not exactly sure what to diagnosis this as yet but in the mean time you need to wear your braces, take this medication, and restrict the hand activity to just two hours a day.”

Me – *gulp* “…Uh, what?”

Doc – “If you want to get better you need to stop stressing your wrists.”

Me – “Just thinking about not moving my hands is giving me a panic attack. *nervous laugh* I can’t stop moving my hands!”

Doc – “I know. That’s why you’re here.”

Me – “Heh. Touché.”


My Doctor is really amazing and he knows that telling me to stop moving my hands when I MUST MAKE ALL THE THINGS is like taking a knife to my heart (What? No I’m never over dramatic about crafting!), but I am serious about getting better so I have to do as I’m told. …which I don’t always do so well with. Which is why I may or may not be breaking the rules already by typing this very blog post. …and I may or may not have already broken the rules by sewing a pretty scarf today.

I need to get serious about getting better because wincing with one eye closed as I type through the pain has gotten annoying enough that I decided I should probably not continue to do that. I also can’t hold a cell phone or a pair of scissors comfortably anymore so that’s a wee bit of a problem as well haha!


So this is basically a public service announcement stating that I will be not be typing anymore for a while (I’m going to make Wil do it for me so I can still blog mwahaha!) and my sewing projects are going to be much more simple and more spread out. I’ve deleted all the social media apps off my phone to cut down on the temptation. …except Instagram. I need to at least be able to micro blog for cryin’ out loud!

I already gave up knitting and bowling for the time being, which might nearly kill me** with Rhinebeck and Fall bowling leagues coming up really soon. So hopefully cutting those things out will help speed up my recovery a bit. (**again, I’m never over dramatic about crafting or nerd sports)

Now, with that said, who can suggest some good TV shows or movies for Lucille and I to watch that will make me forget I’m addicted making things with my hands? I like murder mysteries, sci-fi/fantasy, and anything with a non-modern setting. We’re currently watching Blacklist and Hell On Wheels.