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Meet Me at Rhinebeck

October 16, 2014

Well this is exciting, I’ll be at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival all weekend! If you’re in the Hudson Valley area, I highly suggest coming out for the event. This is my first time going, but I’ve been assured it’s THE place to be if you’re a fan of yarn. …or sheep. The fun starts on Friday evening where I’ll be hanging out with Lisa of Indie Untangled and Vicki of That Clever Clementine (that’s Tasha’s mom BTW and she’s amazing FYI).


Where: Indie Untangled Trunk Show – The Garden Plaza Hotel, 503 Washington Ave., Kingston, N.Y.

When: Friday, Oct. 17 from 5 to 9 p.m.

I’ll be selling limited edition tote bags (only 50!) that I designed myself and screened by hand (well, I had help with the screening on account of my bum wrists), as well as some new Lucky Lucille stickers!!

As for Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be wandering around all starry eyed and overwhelmed with William and a friend or two. If you see us, please stop and say hi! I’d love to meet you 🙂


I designed the tote bags by scanning a page from one of my late 1940s knitting magazines. I broke down the pattern in the Fair Isle sweater and then rebuilt it digitally in Illustrator. I love the way it turned out!


Wil has a friend, who happens to be the professor of all things printmaking at the local college, and he so graciously made my screen and helped me print the bags. I owe him big time for all his help. What a guy.


This was the closest color I could find to Lisa’s “Indie Blue” and I think it’s a pretty good match.


Since each of the bags are screened by hand, not a single one is exactly alike. There are small discrepancies in the way the ink hit the canvas on each pass – All signs that human hands made these happen.


The bags are made from cotton canvas, sourced from a company out of California, and they’re a great size. They hold a great many skeins of yarn and needles, as a matter of fact (I tested their yarn holding capacity lol). It would make sense to buy one on Friday at the show, and then have it to carry around all day Saturday and Sunday to hold all your yarn shopping spoils – wink wink 😉


I also designed several stickers that I’ll be selling at the show! I wanted to include an extra something small and really fun, and I think these 3″ stickers fit the bill nicely. I have a feeling many of you (definitely me!) can relate to them 😉


Wil’s other friend, Jim at Inkgenda, printed the stickers for me and I’m so happy with the way they turned out (Wil has lots of kind, helpful, amazing friends as it happens)!


So, if you’re going to be near the Hudson Valley area this weekend, stop by The Garden Plaza Hotel on Friday evening, and the Dutchess County Fair Grounds on Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to be so fun! Sheep! Wool! Yarn! Awesome stuff! AHH!

p.s. check out my interview with Lisa at Indie Untangled that went live this week 🙂

Are you going to Rhinebeck?!


p.p.s any stickers or bags I have leftover I will put up for sale online, along with some other goodies as I’m planning a Pop-Up Shop come November (to clear out some old craft fair products and stash items) so stay tuned for that 🙂