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the island of misfit tunics

I have this sad bin in my closet that’s full of forgotten handmade items, much like The Island of Misfit Toys. Do you have a box like this? I can’t bring myself to part with these items yet so they just live in limbo in this big plastic bin. Well I decided to sift through it the other day and I found this tunic I made when I was still living in Vermont, so it must be almost two years old, and previously unblogged. I’m rather fed up with pants lately after sewing a million muslins so I decided to boycott them for the time being and wear leggings instead. Conveniently, leggings and tunics are a winning combo.


Oh, and p.s. I HAVE PINK HAIR!! Now for those who don’t know, I’ve been wearing wigs on and off for nearly a decade. Sometimes for fun and sometimes for medical reasons (due to my skin disorder), so this is not the shortest my hair has ever been (nor the pinkest for that matter) but it’s certainly a big change from the luscious ginger locks I’ve been sporting all summer! I decided to ditch the wigs for a while because they’ve been giving me massive tension headaches, plus I really want to wear my handmade hats, and when you wear a hat on top of a wig it kinda feels like a really awkward layer cake hoisted onto your head. So a pink pixie it is!


I’ve been battling tendonitis or carpel tunnel or something for the past several (several) months, and I’m in denial that I need to see a doctor, so I’m trying to cut down on the typing. …which I’m currently doing with a brace on each wrist. So let’s cut right to the details! I can’t remember what pattern I used to make this tunic but I do remember the fabric is from the collection Far Far Away III by Heather Ross. I llllooooovvveeee itttttt.


Outfit Details:
Tunic – made by me
Glasses – El Ria c/o Victory Optical
Boots – VOLATILE Addict
Leggings – Old Navy
Scarf – A gift from England
Earrings – Target
Sweater – Old Navy
Belt – Potomac Leather
(via the Renaissance Festival …because I’m a nerd)

photos by William Waldon



Doesn’t my unnaturally shaped elf ear match my pixie haircut rather well? It’s like I was born to have pink pixie hair or something.


I’ll leave you with some outtakes 😉


Do you have a sad bin of misfit handmade items? Do you shuffle through it from time to time and give things a second chance? Usually when I do that I remember why they ended up in the bin to begin with lol. This tunic is a wee tight in the armhole.

Oh, and who wants to start a No Pants Club with me? The only prerequisite is you need at least four pants muslins that have been banished to The Corner of Frustration (okay maybe just one muslin if it was traumatizing enough that you can’t even fathom four) haha! That’s your free pass to the No Pants Club. And no, leggings clearly don’t count as pants 😉