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the staple dress

Simple sewing is where it’s at for me right now, I made another dress already! This is The Staple Dress by April Rhodes. I’ve wanted to give it a try since forever, but this bout of tendinitis is what really made it a priority for me. It’s a pretty Plain Jane type of pattern but the shaping at the waist and the hi-low hem option keep it interesting.


Ideally this pattern would be better suited for a rayon or a voile, or some kind of fabric with a bit more drape and flow (which is why I went with the straight hem and not the hi-low) but I loves me a quilting cotton so that’s what a chose and it totally works. I also need to have ALL THE DEER THINGS right now so… yeah. Quilting cotton. Pretty dresses. Deer-y things. Yes please.


the fabric: Lineage by Anna Maria Horner


I tried elastic shirring for the first time in years, and thanks to Devon’s Sewing Party class, it looks awesome! I don’t think I’d wear this dress out and about without a fun belt, but it’s nice to know I have nice stretchy gathers underneath to keep everything in place regardless.


You’ve heard me say several times that I never pay attention to my print placement and I just always get lucky when stuff matches up. Well this time I left nothing to chance and took meticulous extra steps to make sure the linear direction of the print carried straight across the dress. I was mostly paying attention to how the oval motifs were lining up, and not the smaller details within them, but I did get really lucky on one side at the bottom where the little deer is almost seamlessly matched!


Unlike my last post where it was snowing on and off all day and I was freezing, it was actually surprisingly beautiful out this time! Nearly 65 degrees and not really sweater weather until the sun started going down. As much as I love the Fall season, I have to admit this imposter summer weather was awfully nice.


Another thing I love about this pattern is how practical it is. I can just throw it on and go. The kimono style built-in sleeves and the simple shaping at the waist is reminiscent of some of the late 1940s style house dresses that I love so much. A simple dress pattern like this really works well for a big novelty print fabric, and you know how I love those!


Outfit Details
Belt – Potomac Leather Co
Sweater – thredUP
Dress – made by me
Leggings – Old Navy
Boots – Dirty Laundry
Glasses – El Ria c/o Victory Optical

photos by William Waldon


Though most likely not what the dress pattern was originally designed for, The Staple Dress does make for a good frolicking-through-the-woods outfit 😉


What kinds of sewing projects are you frolicking around in lately?