Datura Tunic

December 8, 2014

Remember when I said my tendinitis was on the mend? I lied. You all warned me this would happen and I didn’t listen. I jumped back in the game too soon and got all ambitious with graphic design projects and Christmas sewing and now I’m back to square one with the wrist issues, like an idiot (as in: I’m not sleeping comfortably at night because they hurt so badly). I really should keep the typing down to the bare minimum, but I do have a bit of explaining to do with this Deer & Doe Datura pattern hack.


I bought this adorable Deer & Doe pattern some time ago and had been meaning to make it much before now but it kept getting pushed down on my list. I did, however, recently make The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline that I really liked. Since I already went through the trouble of making some alterations to the armhole of that pattern, I decided to simply retrace the Datura neckline onto the Tank Dress. It was actually a really easy adjustment!


Instead of fully lining the top section like the Datura pattern instructs, I just traced a bib style facing and pressed it to the outside rather than to the inside. Add some snazzy mini pom-pom trim and voila! – a Datura tunic hack. I think it’s rather adorable if I do say so myself.



Patterns used: Datura by Deer & Doe and The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline


Fabrics used: Folly by Amy Butler and Climbing Vine by Elizabeth Olwen


We’ve really been having some strange weather in New York this season. Despite the lack of snow that we should have by now, it’s been absolutely bitter cold. Why do I always end up in the woods without a coat, pretending like I can still feel my hands?! It was 23 degrees out, definitely below freezing, but the secret is to smile and keep your shoulders down so it looks like you’re not about to die of hypothermia. Carrying a parasol to suggest you’ve felt the warmth of the sun at some point this month also helps.


The cold felt great on my wrists though! Let’s pretend my stubbornness, and complete denial of what the temperature actually is, equals some kind of physical therapy.



Forgive me for keeping it brief today. I’m going to have to go back to the whole “doctors orders DON’T MOVE YOUR WRISTS EVER!” thing again for a while so I can really get better this time. I’ve pretty much signed off on all social media except instagram until further notice, so please don’t take it personally if you’ve messaged me elsewhere and I haven’t responded. I’ve also been resisting the urge to respond to blog comments like I normally want to. All the little bits of typing here and there really adds up. I’m sorry ๐Ÿ™


Expect more photos and less typing in the future! I’ll try to keep the subject matter interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oh! Before I forget, the lucky winner of last week’s Popover Poncho pattern giveaway is: