In Honestly

4 months, 17 weeks, 120 days

For the past few years in a row (specifically since 2012 when Lucky Lucille became a sewing blog) I tend to get a little sad come Spring time because of one particular thing: I’ve never been able to fully participate in Me Made May because I never have enough clothing I truly love in order to wear one me-made outfit, everyday, for 30 days.

That really bums me out because to me there’s something so magical about crafting your own clothes. The alchemy of it! I crave it on a deep personal level. I really want to be able to look down on a daily basis and count all the items I’m wearing that were crafted with my own two hands. …like a fabric wizard. Yes, this year I’m going to move up in the ranks of fabric wizardry.


I started off last year with the “anti-roundup roundup” in which I confessed how I pretty much hated everything I made in 2013 for various reasons (which I listed in that post). Basically my 2014 goals were 1.) Buy a new serger so I can be truly happy with how my garments look inside and out. 2.) Stop treating every project as a doomed-to-fail wearable muslin and actually pre-sew everything in muslin fabric to really work on fitting, and 3.) Find some TNT patterns that I can fit well and sew over and over again to build a completely handmade wardrobe.

Well I’m proud to say that in 2014 I did buy a new serger, and I did make more muslins than I ever have before, but the elusive TNT pattern still eludes me. Archer was very close, but still not The One according to my own nitpicky qualifications of what Rochelle’s Perfect Pattern entails. It’s like my Holy Grail. I don’t know what my TNT pattern looks like or if it even exists, but I will never stop fending off shrubbery knights, killer rabbits, and houses of virgins to find it. (Monty Python? Anyone?)


Remember my Twelve Pattern Challenge? Yeah I barely remember it either because it was such an epic fail haha!! Not because the idea was bad, but because I picked 12 patterns based on things I assumed I’d like to wear, not things I actually wear. My life is run by Lamellar Ichthyosis, kitty claw marks, and dog hair up the wazoo. I’m happiest when hermitting around at home in leggings and slouchy old man sweaters. Even though I have a serious (obsessive) weak spot for fashions of the past, I don’t enjoy wearing true vintage styles as much as I love researching them (obsessively). Though I will say I’m really loving 1920s inspired silhouettes right now! We’ll see how that manifests in the future…

So. My big goal, from this day until April 30th, is to sew a mix and match wardrobe so I can wear one handmade outfit every day for the month of May.

I have 4 months, 17 weeks, 120 days.

Who’s with me?