Ephemera Friday: 1948 Swedish Greeting Card

January 9, 2015

Just a quick post today to share some sketchbook doodles inspired by a vintage Swedish greeting card from 1948. I bought a few holiday cards from a super awesome vintage shop while visiting my aunt (as well as Tasha and her mom!) last month, and just had to share this one because it’s one of my favorites.


The back of the card has “1948” written in pencil at the top right corner, probably added by Amalgamated shop to prove the date. I’m assuming they found the card in its original envelope, or had another means of establishing the date it was made. It also reads “No. 3904 d. MADE IN SWEDEN” and “COPYRIGHT ESKIL HOLM, STOCKHOLM” printed in blue ink along the back bottom margin. The ink colors are still so vibrant even though the paper has aged.


I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with the illustrations on this card! They’re fantastic. I bought five other vintage cards that day, two of them also have a Swedish/Dutch theme (both from the late 30s and 40s), but they were produced in America. I’m happy I found one that was authentic to Sweden. I’ve always been a fan of American Folk Art, especially Pennsylvania Dutch style, as well as Scandinavian Folk Art and design. This kind of ephemera is like treasure to me!


I find the inscription to be slightly passive depressive, though. “I hope we will see you during the holiday season. It seems as though we saw you so seldom. Have a happy holiday.” …I sense a bit of a guilt trip in those words! Makes you wonder who the card was addressed to and what relationship they had with the writer. At least the front of the card is jovial and uplifting lol.


I’ve been slowly working to grow my portfolio so we’ll see what these doodles become in the future!

Have an excellent weekend, everyone 🙂