Folk Lure

January 5, 2015

This skirt took me no less than forever to finish. It wasn’t difficult to put together, but there was a lot of “sew a little, then sit and wait” kind of stuff going on with this particular project, which is why it’s been seven weeks since ordering the fabric to actually calling it done. Spoiler alert: I still really, really love this skirt!! It was worth the wait.


The pattern is a new one by Anna Maria Horner and I think there may be some errata with the yardage charts. One of my top pieces had to be cut off grain or I would have run out of fabric, and I definitely ran out of fabric for the bottom since I could only fit 7 of 8 pieces no matter which way I tried to place them. In fact, I couldn’t really fit any of the pieces on my fabric exactly how the cutting layout suggests. So, I highly recommend ordering extra fabric for this skirt, especially if you have a directional print! Otherwise you might find yourself sitting and waiting an extra week to finish your 8th panel while more fabric arrives. Not a huge deal, just something I need to plan for next time.

(edit: I went back and looked, and the back of the pattern lists one fabric amount for both 45″/54″ widths, but inside the pattern lists cutting diagrams for JUST 54″ widths. That explains why my pieces didn’t fit correctly on my 45″ wide fabric. Duh me. So just know that the yardage amounts listed on the back are only going to fit for 54″ widths when sewing the Crazy 8s version! Buy extra yardage for Fabric A and Fabric C, or you’ll be one panel short.)

I’m also questioning the finished measurements for my size because when I checked them on my skirt lying flat I thought: There’s no way that can be right. There’s no ease at all!? Which leads me to my next point…


I seriously recommend NOT trying to sew a high waisted circle skirt right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why? Because leftover pie for breakfast equals not being able to zip up said circle skirt haha! Whoops! Thanks to my inherited super metabolism, and making more sensible breakfast choices, I was able to zip up AND button the skirt just in time for New Years. Now there’s really no ease (aka breathing/eating room) left though, uhg.

Note to self: size up in skirt next time to accommodate more pie.




Outfit Details
Hat: made by me
Glasses: El Ria c/o Victory Optical
Necklace: Modcloth
Tank top: Old Navy
Cardigan and belt: Target
Skirt: made by me
Boots: Madden Girl

photos by William Waldon



Handmade Details
Skirt pattern: Full Circle Skirt by Anna Maria Horner
Fabric used: Elizabeth Olwen (wildflower in crimson and climbing vine in navy)
and Cotton & Steel (netorious in jam jar)
Hat Pattern: Jul by Wiksten (finished in August)
Yarn used: Cascade Yarns (220 superwash sport in peach)




This was definitely not a quick project for me, but it was certainly a super fun project and I’d enjoy making it again (eh hem, in a bigger size!). The way it’s pieced together would make for a killer skirt in bold stripes, and I’d love to have it in a print that mixes and matches with more things in my wardrobe, especially for Me Made May. Since the waist is meant to be very form fitting, it doesn’t rank high on my comfort clothes list, but it’s pretty darn cute and worth making at least one more time! …I’m totally shopping for stripey fabric right now.

On Wednesday I’m going to post more inside details of how the skirt is actually pieced/sewn together, so stay tuned for that if you’re curious 🙂


(Also edit: I did add a bit of length to my version by extending piece C to the XL hem line. The hem of the original pattern falls above the knee.)